How to handle mistakes-even BIG ones like the Oscars!

I’ve been transitioning from a sick person to a healthy one! 🙂 You may have missed my insightful banter, I am now an author of a book!  not eBook, this one of those you hold in your And a … Continue reading

517 Million dollars worldwide sales! A successful transition far,far, away…was it the Force?

Yes, I’m talking about Star Wars,  The Force Awakens…a very successful transition.  New characters blend with old favorites.  That’s the expectation for Transition, to come in the Commencement Phase better and full of new ideas to move forward  chockful of … Continue reading

Happiness at work Is…

How Do you know when you’re happy?  Are some people better at happiness?  One of the popular songs is “Happy” by Pharrell.  I saw him sing with a denied contestant on the Voice and it got me to thinking…How often … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(part IV)

Coffee became lunch,as two busy women tried to find the time to chat & catch up.  Patsy Anderson, Organizer/Promoter of the Award-winning Women’s Expo in March 2015  is my choice for being grateful that she’s in my life! We … Continue reading