Here’s a great Mastermind + Networking in an atmosphere of support!

In this ever changing crazy world one thing is becoming very clear – Women want and need to support each other.  Men do, too.  Chicks Connect is open to men as well. Many of you have been involved with networking … Continue reading

Having a Network That Is Sustainable.

In a previous post, I shared the top 5 people you need to have in your network.. further thought,I discovered I needed to add these seven additions for your network to work! 1.These people are ones who appear or are … Continue reading

What is a mastermind and why should I care…

Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich and many other Business/Financial books, defined the mastermind group as “a unique concept that leverages the collective power of the group creating a third mind..”.Hill described masterminding as the “coordination of knowledge … Continue reading

Transitions and Internet Marketing

This is still about my Global Mastermind Program.  Bill Courtright, a very successful entrepreneur just came to hang out and be of service to us.  He offered all thirty of us a chance to mastermind with him after we’d said … Continue reading

Everyone Deserves to be in the Global Mastermind (part II)

With my talk behind me, now, I can return to the amazing experience of being in a group of thirty like-minded individuals.  Then, we were further divided in small mastermind groups as each of us presented a problem issue usually … Continue reading

Am I too fat?

I was reading a Shape magazine while getting a mani/pedi-my way of a bit of relaxation!  Over half of the women surveyed felt they were fat!  But, I started thinking about using fat as a metaphor…Fat,not in the traditional sense-rather, … Continue reading

Information products, what are they & why do I need any…

I had no clue what information products were or even that they existed!  Not unusual.  Whether I’m coaching on transitions or marketing-career-wise…your resume, presentation ie. interviewing & first & last impressions… "selling yourself"! For the solopreneur, marketing takes on a … Continue reading

Are you a Woman of Purpose?

My On Purpose Networking for women honored Patsy Anderson, creator/coordinator of the Womens Expo!It was a fantastic event!  Here are some photos of some of the gang! 🙂 Patsy does radio, the Womens Expo-promoting it all year long & making … Continue reading

We all get overwhelmed, right?

I’m so overwhelmed-just spelled overhelm! 🙂 Been thinking lots about what we do when we are feeling the overwhelm! I told you about my products class team-some are farther along being an entrepreneur, doing Internet Marketing-dealing with shopping cart programs … Continue reading


Tag-you’re "IT"-remember that game of hide n’ seek-when everyone hid and the one who found you-tagged you "IT"? Well, fast forward to 30 or so years later…it’s now phone tag!  And just as fun! I’m in a product team mini-group … Continue reading