Thank Heavens, it’s a new year!

Marcia Merrill Book Cover (1) December 2016 wasn’t my favorite time.  It was good-my book is published, printed and ready for sale! For some reason I can’t get the graphic!  Kinda typical of my December!  When I was dealing … Continue reading Free “5 Strategies for Success!

    I’m really excited to share with you my 5 Strategies for Success!  I’ve poured through research and added my my experience to bring to you successful tips. This Free teleseminar is designed for both the Resolution-Makers and folks … Continue reading

5 Strategies for Success! Free. Teleseminar Tonight! 8pm, EST

Ever feel discouraged?  You chase success…it never .works out!  It’s a new year and even though you’ve made resolutions faithfully, but never seem to accomplish them…Feel frustrated and confused? Back by popular demand! Well,  no more frustration…Come tonight to my … Continue reading

Turning Resolutions into goals (part III)

So you have those goals specific using numbers so you can say whether or not you achieved or on the course to achieving your goal.  Now, take a look at each of your resolutions, now goals.  They’re specific-check,measurable-meaning you quantified … Continue reading

Turning Resolutions into Goals (part II)

After, the tree is down and a back to work atmosphere tells you the holiday season is over until next year.  Time to focus on those resolutions you made. Yesterday, we spoke about writing down specific descriptions of each goal … Continue reading

Celebrating the new year-turning resolutions into goals!

It is now way past time to have put away the noise makers away…Auld Lang Syne will sung Dec. 31st, 2015!  But is it a “bucket of ice water” dose of reality?  Will you be making those same resolutions again … Continue reading

Making the same Resolutions again?

I’ve said it before but I’ll really stress this…I don’t make Resolutions, I craft goals instead.  Here’s why:  January is a quiet month- time for having credit card shock & buyers’ remorse.  January is a hugely busy month for me, … Continue reading