5 Reasons to write a book!

I went to Author 101 and we discussed the ideas of writing a book.  I know why I write-to bring a message of loving your Life and your work/business( in THAT order!)  But I digress-here are the top Five Reasons … Continue reading

Author 101, I highly recommend it!

Four days ago, I was in LA-I was awarded an EIPPY for a book I contributed to hitting Bestseller, “The Big Idea Book”!  You can get them through me, marcia@midlifetransitioncoaching.com  Just drop me a line- $20 and shipping is included! … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(part VII)

I had lunch with my friend, DeBora Ricks, of, what else?  www.DeBoraRicks.com   You can get all her books there as well as editing/writing services!  She is an author of multiple books-on relationships,how to know when to leave-“Love Addicted” and Write … Continue reading