Florence Foster Jenkins & passion!

I saw a delightful film on Florence.  She was the World’s Worst Singer! But she was passionate about music and the opera.  She fancied herself a coloratura soprano.  She played Carnegie Hall after several recitals-where “true music lovers” were paid … Continue reading

Live with Passion & Purpose!

Live with Passion & Purpose Discovery Session This Free 45 min. session by phone will cover past, present and future goals/dreams for your business and your life. Scheduling Appointments Now Send me an email to marcia@midlifetransitioncoaching.com • Create a sense … Continue reading

Light Reading Picks

My VA (Virtual Assistant,Kim Wesley) has been hard at work putting together my list for my readers!  See I write it up-send it to her for the technology piece…It works out very well for all.  She does what she enjoys … Continue reading

Bartering for time…

Outsourcing & bartering aren’t just for the solopreneur.  Baby-sitting is outsourcing.  The dry cleaners is an outsource circumstance-you’re not dry cleaning your shirts yourself, right?I coach midlife boomer women on how to balance work & life-Home, friends, other things they … Continue reading

Transition & tandem cycling!!

I get my best ideas while tandem bicycling (Bicycle built for two).  Besides my coaching, my passion for life is tandemming.  Been riding together with my husband for 13 years.  Going to a rally-about 32 tandems-that’s 64 or so people, … Continue reading

Do you buy the Law of Attraction?

Sedona-here’s some pictures from our trip to the Wealth & Life Balance Retreat that I experienced in November.  Why think of it now? Well, cause that was 6 months ago & after a jam-packed weekend of Law of Attraction gurus-folks … Continue reading

Are you a Woman of Purpose?

My On Purpose Networking for women honored Patsy Anderson, creator/coordinator of the Womens Expo!It was a fantastic event!  Here are some photos of some of the gang! 🙂 Patsy does radio, the Womens Expo-promoting it all year long & making … Continue reading

We all get overwhelmed, right?

I’m so overwhelmed-just spelled overhelm! 🙂 Been thinking lots about what we do when we are feeling the overwhelm! I told you about my products class team-some are farther along being an entrepreneur, doing Internet Marketing-dealing with shopping cart programs … Continue reading

Lessons we can take away from “Dancing With The Stars”

I love ballroom dancing!  Reminds me of those Fred & Ginger movies & gliding effortlessly as they jumped over furniture, walls, ceilings…Ok, I’m allowed a bit of unreality! I started thinking about what my coaching clients as well as me … Continue reading

Beliefs determine behavior,can you change that?

Almost all psychologists, philosophers through the ages…and various career counselors, coaches & this Transitions coach truly believe this. I’ve seen it time & again first-hand with my midlife women clients-those baby boomer women, often in transitions-work or life! My Get … Continue reading