Connecting Heart to Heart…Chicks Connect

Last week, I went to Portland, Oregon and much chillier weather than in Baltimore!  Why did I travel for 3 days?  Simple-it was the 2017 Dream Big CCIC (Chicks Connect Inspiration Conference) We had 2 days to really connect heart … Continue reading

How To Be A Great Protege (Mentee)

Becoming a protege (mentee) can be a great way to hit the ground running  It’s better than New Employee Orientation.  This an ongoing,(not just a few hours)  It can provide you with valuable information-could fast-track you to a promotion and … Continue reading

How To Be A Great Mentor

Mentor, in Greek Mythology was a friend of Odysseus and helped Telemachus his brother’s son.  According to Wikipedia, that’s how mentor came to be a word meaning,”someone who imparts wisdom and shared knowledge with a less experienced colleague”. Everyone should … Continue reading