Chicks of Charm Ciy meets Thurs. Dec 1st 7pm-Evergreen

Our Chicks of Charm City aka Baltimore, Maryland is Dec. 1st at 7 pm at Evergreen, 501 W. Cold Spring Lane.  All are welcome!  Yes, there are male chicks, not just for women!  They have Chicks groups all over!  But, … Continue reading

Life directions…transitions

 Tomorrow is the first day of Life Directions, a course by New Peaks.  Curious as to why I attend these courses?  The best way is to attend a Millionaire Mind Experience or a Reignite.  I’ll tell how to get VIP … Continue reading

Your mission is possible!

About 5 days ago, I got back from a great course, Mission Possible.  How do I begin to describe this amazing experience?  I graduated with 3 certifications- Coaching, a great complement to my other Coaching credentials, but, I also am … Continue reading


New business ideas from my Global MasterMind Retreat!

Ideas are percolating…Yesterday, I grabbed new domains.  Strategizing ways to rebrand the business!  More transitions.  Transitions are nothing to scared about…They always occur-things change.  I’ve never met anyone who has not experienced any changes in their lives.  It’s how you … Continue reading

More changes are in the wind..but, I’m grateful for…(part XXV)

I am about 8 weeks until my web site comes out.  I’m going with, decided against my name.  A business coach warned me of having just your name-tougher to sell.  He said when you start a business, think of … Continue reading