What I’ve learned while being an exhibitor/speaker at an event.

Whew, the event is over.  Time to break down the table, roll up the banner and pack up the boxes!  It was a great day.  Now’s the time to review and think what I’ve learned.One of the best things I’ve … Continue reading

What do you need for an Expo?

Today was set up  for the Women’s Expo.  Sunday, October 2nd is the date-12pm-4pm at CCBC www.womensexpomd.comBut, I really want to you what you need to do/have…First, either you or your kind family or friends need to have a strong … Continue reading

Life is a manicure/pedicure!

I went a nail spa and got a manicure/pedicure.  A pedicure is torture for me…see, I’m ticklish!  I also wear sandals so, I get maybe 3 pedicures per summer. So naturally, I try to ignore what is being done to … Continue reading

The importance of “NO”! Saying Yes to Freedom!

Entrepreneurs, by nature and often,necessity, wear many hats.  Delegation is the key to sanity in this fast-paced world.  The art of saying no to some things, frees you up for other important things,like family/friends- the special people in our lives. … Continue reading

Light Reading Picks

My VA (Virtual Assistant,Kim Wesley) has been hard at work putting together my list for my readers!  See I write it up-send it to her for the technology piece…It works out very well for all.  She does what she enjoys … Continue reading

Celebrate your successes!

I’m celebrating.  After many trials & tribulations,I  got it!  I got in  and finally I am able to post a blog post!  Whew! Here it is! 🙂 After a pretty intensive week of learning and growing at the World’s Greatest … Continue reading