Five ways to have productive meetings

Many managers often feel they must foster a team environment and communication by having status updates. A meeting for the sake of meeting can be a waste of time.  Food may be provided and the manager may find that gets … Continue reading

Transitions in Management Styles

Some managers are great. Some managers are not.  Yelling and berating employees is usually not a welcome management style and often results in alienating their employees.  When researching this, there were some notable exceptions! The late Steve Jobs of Apple … Continue reading

Leadership Doesn’t Have To Be Loud!

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  There’s that kid who always organized comes at recess,and then the high school jocks who often are thought as leaders.  College Academic Bowl or the Class President/Student Government and of course the leader … Continue reading

Self-Management & Leadership

I was reading some management newsletters and came across several on leadership.  As a coach and a “sponge”, this appealed to me.   I love to soak up knowledge and adapt this new knowledge share it with my coaching clients, … Continue reading