Florence Foster Jenkins & passion!

I saw a delightful film on Florence.  She was the World’s Worst Singer! But she was passionate about music and the opera.  She fancied herself a coloratura soprano.  She played Carnegie Hall after several recitals-where “true music lovers” were paid … Continue reading

Life is a manicure/pedicure!

I went a nail spa and got a manicure/pedicure.  A pedicure is torture for me…see, I’m ticklish!  I also wear sandals so, I get maybe 3 pedicures per summer. So naturally, I try to ignore what is being done to … Continue reading

Keys to Success

Success isn’t one thing.  But, success begins with why?  For what reason are you striving for success?  Being successful is more than being wealthy…I want that too, but there must be more than making lots of money.  I want to … Continue reading

It’s Independence Day! Not for Solopreneurs!

Independence is a great concept.  Great holiday-I love fireworks! Our rugged sense of individualism and being independent can shoot us in the foot!  For us entrepreneurs, especially those who work alone-as in only you as employee, janitor and CEO.   … Continue reading

Another Transition- Guerrila Business School gave such a gteat experience!

New Peaks, formerly Peak Potentials,a Personal Development Training Company, offered a comprehensive 5 day program a few  weeks ago in Orlando, Florida.  The Guerrilla Business School was an amazing experience.  It has been called, an MBA on steroids!  I believe … Continue reading

Blogging For Your Business

I’m taking this course with Karen Leland on Social Media Mastery and one of her modules is on blogging.  She said that in order to be an effective blogger, you need to go outside of your subject and not be … Continue reading

When is good enough-Transition from perfectionism…

A client was very excited about starting her new business…this has been the case for awhile.  She had to get her LLC and register her company and get a sales ID which she may or may not need-her products-when she … Continue reading

Leaving the 9-5 Grind…Whatever would you do?

Many midlife women working for someone else think, “is this all there is?”  Not hardly.  Imagine you’ve left the traffic-jammed commute, a boss telling you what to do,a bagged lunch or the expense of eating out each day…And you can … Continue reading

Everyone Deserves to be in the Global Mastermind (part II)

With my talk behind me, now, I can return to the amazing experience of being in a group of thirty like-minded individuals.  Then, we were further divided in small mastermind groups as each of us presented a problem issue usually … Continue reading

Transitioning again…

Saturday, I spoke at the World of Possibilities Expo-Disabilities, Healthy Aging & Independent Living Expo  The audience was attentive & supportive as I needed to lean on a precariously balanced table-imagine me falling butt over teakettle!  And, eventually, had to … Continue reading