Here’s a great Mastermind + Networking in an atmosphere of support!

In this ever changing crazy world one thing is becoming very clear – Women want and need to support each other.  Men do, too.  Chicks Connect is open to men as well. Many of you have been involved with networking … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(Part XXVI)

After numerous emails and time/date conflicts, we made it.  We carved out some “girl time.”  And, it was worth the wait! I’ve known Mona Freedman since 2008, when I first volunteered for the World of Possibilities Disability , Healthy Aging … Continue reading

Springtime-Creativity Time!

Like a gym, I’m busy at start of the school year until about mid-November.  Then, it’s Holiday time and often, I use this time to reorganize my office, close out the books, do some business planning and enjoy that time … Continue reading


Hi! I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback about my blogging.  And a media expert advised me not to dilute my presence with 2 complete blogs!  As I learn and my small business grows, change must happen as well. So, it’s … Continue reading

What is Gather the Women?

Wed-June 7th, 7pm EST is my FREE tele-circle on Gather The Women, a grassroots organization  whose focus is on change-yourself-career growth, wellness in you and in the world. Most of my clients are midlife women-baby boomer women, and these womens … Continue reading

“Invisible No More” Support & Encouragement in a book!

“Invisible No More-Secret Lives of Women over 50”-what a perfect complement to my coaching midlife women in transitions.  Good for midlife men, too! Wow!  Get it!  Check out the web site!    They are a great example of what … Continue reading

Wellness vs. Health!

I started thinking about being healthy from both the INSIDE and out-now I know our Curves gym is a very positive place full of support & encouragement. It takes care of how we look and how we feel-as we get … Continue reading


Changing Planes-it’s a lot like life. Isn’t it? You know being in an airport unfortunately “stuck” waiting to change planes is like life…It’s very similar to changing careers or any number of changes.  It seems everyone knows where they’re going … Continue reading

Get Hired Now! starts tomorrow-are you ready?

I almost forgot…Not!  I’m very excited to teach the Get Hired Now! Teleseries. I thought those needing support as they went through the job search would be my takers. Some are…others are entrepreneurs wanting accountability and a proven system for … Continue reading

What color IS your parachute? Huh?

The best-selling book, “What Color is Your Parachute?” by Richard Bolles is a great job search/career growth “bible”.  It has good exercises and provides some support.  But reading alone might not result in lasting change.  People in transitions-especially midlife women … Continue reading