Five Painless Marketing Tricks!

Tomorrow, I go to Mission To Millions-Life Directions in Orlando.  I’m going as a Coach with New Peaks that amazing Personal Development & Training Company-largest in North America and in many countries as I resolved a blog issue-Sarah W. … Continue reading

What’s a VIP Day?

Everyone wants to considered a VIP.  It’s that sense of belonging to an elite group and being treated specially. A Coaching VIP Day is all that + the opportunity to quickly identify roadblocks/ obstacles, set/refine goals moving forward and harnessing … Continue reading

NLP-more than a communication tool!

Neuro-linguistic Programming, (NLP) is a communication tool, but so much more!  NLP  is not therapy.  If psychological therapy can be considered as focusing on what’s wrong…NLP focuses on what’s right!  As the trainer and NLP master who I trained under … Continue reading

Your mission is possible!

About 5 days ago, I got back from a great course, Mission Possible.  How do I begin to describe this amazing experience?  I graduated with 3 certifications- Coaching, a great complement to my other Coaching credentials, but, I also am … Continue reading

Laughter & Coaching- Transitions in Thinking

Reader’s Digest had a column I dutifully read each week-“Laughter is the Best Medicine!” and that is true.  Bernie Siegel wrote how he assigned homework to his cancer patients to watch comedies, The Three Stooges, Buster Keaton, Michael Keaton in … Continue reading

Transitioning again…

Saturday, I spoke at the World of Possibilities Expo-Disabilities, Healthy Aging & Independent Living Expo  The audience was attentive & supportive as I needed to lean on a precariously balanced table-imagine me falling butt over teakettle!  And, eventually, had to … Continue reading

Springtime-Creativity Time!

Like a gym, I’m busy at start of the school year until about mid-November.  Then, it’s Holiday time and often, I use this time to reorganize my office, close out the books, do some business planning and enjoy that time … Continue reading

NLP & Coaching

These two things-Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching are often confused…and confusing!  True, they do have some characteristics in common.  Both are concerned with the outcome.  They are outcome-oriented and the focus is 100% on the customer!  That means the customer’s … Continue reading