The Transition Cycle & Cancer

I’ve been going on appointments to hospital for preparation for chemo for my husband.  When I’m not being positive, upbeat and cheery-I’m a wreck.  Bladder Cancer Awareness Network, has a wealth of knowledge!  It’s where we found the urologic … Continue reading

Confusion can be good!

I used to work in a college career center and saw many undecided students. I heard the ultimate question, What am I gonna be when I grow up?  My advice was to “test the waters”, take a class in that … Continue reading

Transitioning again…

Saturday, I spoke at the World of Possibilities Expo-Disabilities, Healthy Aging & Independent Living Expo  The audience was attentive & supportive as I needed to lean on a precariously balanced table-imagine me falling butt over teakettle!  And, eventually, had to … Continue reading

More changes are in the wind..but, I’m grateful for…(part XXV)

I am about 8 weeks until my web site comes out.  I’m going with, decided against my name.  A business coach warned me of having just your name-tougher to sell.  He said when you start a business, think of … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(part VI )

As you know, I’m doing Thirty days of gratitude-folks I’m grateful for having in my life!  Naively, I believed I’d quickly go through my list, this involves blogging about them, treating them to a coffee/Chai tea & a muffin, bagel-some … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(part IV)

Coffee became lunch,as two busy women tried to find the time to chat & catch up.  Patsy Anderson, Organizer/Promoter of the Award-winning Women’s Expo in March 2015  is my choice for being grateful that she’s in my life! We … Continue reading

Why should I spend a weekend talking about money?

Talking about money is taboo in many households.  Often, those money messages may, in fact,  influence our behavior and  our financial management. That is one premise for learning our money blueprint…You’ll get all that and more! Register for Millionaire Mind … Continue reading

Information products, what are they & why do I need any…

I had no clue what information products were or even that they existed!  Not unusual.  Whether I’m coaching on transitions or marketing-career-wise…your resume, presentation ie. interviewing & first & last impressions… "selling yourself"! For the solopreneur, marketing takes on a … Continue reading


Hi! I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback about my blogging.  And a media expert advised me not to dilute my presence with 2 complete blogs!  As I learn and my small business grows, change must happen as well. So, it’s … Continue reading