Time of Transition

We are in a time of transition.  Our sense of security for some, has been pulled out from under them.  I don’t care which side of the fence you sit…But from a coaching standpoint,this is a huge opportunity. Start reflecting-how … Continue reading

Making the same Resolutions again?

I’ve said it before but I’ll really stress this…I don’t make Resolutions, I craft goals instead.  Here’s why:  January is a quiet month- time for having credit card shock & buyers’ remorse.  January is a hugely busy month for me, … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(part VI )

As you know, I’m doing Thirty days of gratitude-folks I’m grateful for having in my life!  Naively, I believed I’d quickly go through my list, this involves blogging about them, treating them to a coffee/Chai tea & a muffin, bagel-some … Continue reading

Life? Career Transitions? Which Do I choose? And how can avoid THIS-the technology?

Today, I went to a Brain Day coordinated by Wendy Enelow & Louise Kursmark, both well-known for their books on Resume Writing, cover letters and salary negociations. to name just 0 wordfor their much used books  It came about that … Continue reading

Balancing-Tips For Being a Healthy & Happy solopreneur!

Are These Statements True or False for You? These questions (and your ‘true’ or ‘false’ answers), can be used as guide to either evaluate your ability to be a “Solopreneur” or to determine where you currently are at in your … Continue reading

I own a business-I don’t have TIME to do “social networking”!

I’m a culprit-I used to think that way…I’ve recently analyzed my ROI, and decided not to renew-memberships can be pricey!  Joining LinkedIn or Ryze or MYSpace is FR*EE.  Blogging is Fr*ee and is also fun-I love to write! The point … Continue reading

Social Networking-why bother?

I just read a blog-(weblog) on how employers/companies view social networking… They think it has value & can serve as a best practices discussion, professional development, even helping retention by the employees having a community of employees that share being … Continue reading

The Interview-is there such a thing as age discrimination?

I’ve been away-dealing with a relapse of the flu, then, a fall-bruised my ribs (ouch!) & my dignity! (Double ouch!) But, while recuperating, some clients & readers of both my blogs , this one & the one on Transitions, & … Continue reading