Why join a Mastermind?

I’m flying out tomorrow for a week-long Mastermind.  Why do this?  Imagine having 14-25 other like-minded entrepreneurs as your own personal Board of Directors-dedicated to helping grow your business and help solve one of the problems you may encounter.And you … Continue reading

Fabulous Women’s Luncheon at the Bluestone-I’m grateful for…(parts VIII-XI, at least!)

There I was going to a networking luncheon I found on Facebook!  The Bluestone in Timonium,MD was very nice-a very kind hostess led me to 2 smiling women, Wendy Elover & Judy Pressman, who I’d heard talk maybe 8-9 years … Continue reading

Celebrating the new year-turning resolutions into goals!

It is now way past time to have put away the noise makers away…Auld Lang Syne will sung Dec. 31st, 2015!  But is it a “bucket of ice water” dose of reality?  Will you be making those same resolutions again … Continue reading

Networking is NOT A Dirty Word! (part III) Following up…

As I wrote yesterday’s part II post.  I realized I wanted to break networking down further. All we’re talking today is about follow up techniques or put simply:what to do after a networking event?  Here’s how I coach my clients … Continue reading

Keeping it real-do what you say you will do…

I’m thinking about accountability while working out at the gym-luckily, I’ve learned you sometimes get the best ideas far from the office. So, I’m a Career/Life Transition Coach and I, too,like many of my midlife clients find themselves in transition-most … Continue reading

Life? Career Transitions? Which Do I choose? And how can avoid THIS-the technology?

Today, I went to a Brain Day coordinated by Wendy Enelow & Louise Kursmark, both well-known for their books on Resume Writing, cover letters and salary negociations. to name just 0 wordfor their much used books  It came about that … Continue reading