Mid Life Women & Transitions

I am a Professional Coach.  Who Do I Serve?  That question has been nagging at me, keeping me up at night…And then, it hit me!  Duh!  What do I specialize in?  Career/Life Transitions.  Who am I meant to serve?  Michael Port, a well-known motivational big thinker asks this of his listeners all the time.  He’s very cool and inspiring! www.MichaelPort.com   Mid Life women-Most of my clients are…I enjoy working with them, get energized helping discover/uncover new skills, attitudes, meaning & purpose!  I use humor & creativity-often, many in this stage-"empty nest moms" or just searching for more meaning & excited to have the time & focus to work on themselves!

I run Coaching Groups and see the women exploring different aspects of their life.  Some may return to painting after raising a family, others might take a ceramics class or keep a journal of their personal growth.  It is exciting to share these journeys!

I’m speaking on "Transitions" this Sat at Womens Expo- www.womensexpomd.com.  I’m looking forward to working with this group of diverse women.  Taking C.J. Hayden’s course -Coachpreneur’s Circle- www.coachpreneurs.com  She also created Get Clients Now- www.getclientsnow.com   and the program I teach www.gethirednow.com   We discuss niche and focus.  Exactly what I work on with my clients-niche, in terms of area, industry, career that fits for them.  I’m always learning & growing & I like to think seeing my journey helps my clients to learn & grow!

Blogs & “Lost”

I’ve been working til Lost-love that show!  Bizarre…what does it all mean?  Who are the "Others"?  On to more serious topics!

In Blog2Bestseller class today, we spoke of blogs of authors and branding.  Seth Godin, the Marketing "Guru"-  www.sethgodin.com  was one of the authors’ sites & blogs critiqued.

Got me thinking about my Brand- www.eCareerCorner.com go to it & get career tips & resources & as a BONUS-downloadable e-books and the Tips ezine!

Looking at presenting on the book I’m working on at MidAtlantic Career Counseling Association www.macca.net

And speaking at the Womens Expo in Catonsville, MD www.womensexpomd.com  I’ll be speaking on the Transition process and tips to come out with momentum and ultimately, clarity of purpose.  I often work with midlife women in transition-career, divorce, empty nest moms, those wanting to start a business.  That’s what my book, myself and a colleague are writing.  Any stories out there waiting to be told-marcia@ecareercorner.com Let’s talk!



Hello world!

Well, that’s what the "Blog Guru",otherwise known as Andy Wibbels,  www.andywibbels.com said…I’m taking a Blog2Bestseller  teleclass series with Andy and Suzanne Falter-Barnes, a reg oional & national publicity "guru"www.getknownnow.com.  Their teleclass series-so far, it’s great!  See, I’m a Career/Life Transitions Coach in Baltimore, Maryland-that’s the East Coast-"Maryland is for crabs"…The seafood, not rude folks!

I tell my coaching clients how we’re learning all the time-"works in progress"!  Some of my career change clients, especially those mid-life women, my specialty, feel they need to make the "right choice"-make it work!  Sometimes, opening yourself up to the process of finding your purpose, uncovering your passion and having meaning in your career, is "half the battle"!-This is vital to the entire journey and ultimately, the success!  I’m collaborating on a book about this and much more, stay tuned.  Soon, I’ll tell you how to download some of our work on mid-life careers!

Well, I guess that’s all for now-my former blog was with Blogger-http://eCareerChat.blogspot.com


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