Do systems make sense?

The psychology of using a system is that by doing what you need to do consistently, you achieve consistent results!  That’s powerful.

In my last post,I talked about Accountability..once again, folks commented to me personally, not here!

So, like the Get Hired Now!(tm) and the Individualized Action Plans for my coaching clients…It’s a system of keeping you on track & moving forward, overcome the feelings that can overwhelm and the roadblocks in your way!

Please comment!

What systems do you use?  Are you getting results?


Marcia Merrill
Career/Life Transitions Coach
Turning mid-life into the RIGHT Liife!
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What Makes Accountability Work?

In about an hour, I’m hosting a Master Mind group.  One of the areas we always talk about is accountability.  Organizing your goals-both daily, weekly and even long-term, like in 5 or 10 years, I will…I read that setting goals helps you know when you get there-a compass, a direction..But even more important than writing your goals down (which really separates the successful from the wannabes!)    Making a commitment on paper is a great first step.  Telling your group, your coach, your spouse/significant other or a friend makes it real-they can ask if you’re working on…That’s being held accountable!

You’ve heard me talk about the Get Hired Now! program-it’s a 28 day proven system for Landing that GREAT job!  What makes it work?  You get effective job search strategies & techniques, a way of handling obstacles to winning asa job-seeker and you team with a career coach (me) and a group of other job seekers to help provide the support and encouragement necessary to stay on track and succeed. May 16 & 18 at 2pm EST are first calls and then a month of Group Coaching calls each Tues at 2pm EST.  Details all on my web site or

This has the Bonus of keeping you focused, on track, decreasing overwhelm and stress and increasing well-being, income and happiness!

Can you do this by yourself?  Absolutely.  What’s the success rate of working on finding a GREAT job alone?  Not very good-in fact, less than 3%.

Accountability works.

Why do you think or disagree that it works?  Please comment!

Marcia Merrill

Career/Life Transitions Coach

Turning midlife into the RIGHT Life!

Is My Face Ever Red?

Do you rememberthose embarassment articles?  Well, I’ve got a doozy!  I was so excited to offer the Get Hired Now!  Job Search system-with feedback, support & encouragement from your coach & the team of other job-seekers!  Well, I made a mistake!  The 7 hours of teleclasses, group coaching weekly hours, 28 day individualized action plan to keep you on track & accountable, email support/feedback and the book as my gift to you is really $129. but if you mention you read it here & contact me-I’ll absolutely honor the $99 price!

Tell me your embarassing moment-I shared one of mine!

Marcia the Transitions Chick!

Turning mid-life into the RIGHT Life!

Career/Life Transitions Coach

Being positive-while job-seeking?

I am redesigning my series for job-seekers-both new graduates & those in career transitions.  It’s called, Get Hired Now! ™, a proven 28 day system to land a GREAT job!

I’m throwing in the very valuable job search guide as well as Two-90 min classes by phone!

And 4 weekly hour-long Group Coaching calls!  Encouragement, accountability & support!

We start May 16 & 18 at 2pm EST & our first weekly call is May 23 at 3pm EST & the next 3 consecutive Tuesdays at the same time!

All this is $99 for 7 hours and a proven Job Search system & text! register online at

What does this have to do with being positive?  Everything!  Job-seeking can often be frustrating & depressing!  With this program, you’re not alone!  You can combat “overwhelm” & win that great job!  Many who  haven taken this course are happier, making more money and are in the Job they love!

How do you keep positive-when you were job-seeking?

Marcia the Transitions Chick!

Turning mid-life into the RIGHT Life!

40+ & Fabulous!

I was watching "Access Hollywood" & they showcased 40+ actresses, models-all beautiful, sexy, "comfortable in their own skin" women!  People Magazine showed buff Madonna & Demi Moore and all the Desperate Housewives, 40 & Fabulous!!      

Hear, Hear, I’m not Madonna or Demi or Elle, Iman or Teri!  But I am 40+!

Powerful, sexy-they say 60 is the new 40!  I’m not getting older…

What do you think?

Marcia the Transitions Chick!

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Shakespeare’s Additional Plays in an old book!

Wow-I heard on television (hey, after CSI & Without A Trace comes the news!)  My media fix!  Well, it seems that one of the 600-700 that were printed of all of Shakespeare’s plays – new ones! was found!  Incredibly rare!  6 million bucks!  My husband kiddingly said, “oh now, the surprise is gone-I was gonna get it for you!”  Yeah, right!  Imagine new stuff from the 16th century “Bard of Stratford-on-Avon”  Wow!

Got me to thinkin’ even a great playwright had organizing issues!  He probably squirreled it away ” for safe-keeping” and here it is centuries later!  Not clutter, as the lucky finder thought!  Makes me feel better about this mid-life woman’s change!  I’m going from paper files to a few-the rest for recycling!  Long live technology!!

Tomorrow is my FREE Spring Cleaning Accountability Day!  We start at 11am EST and call every 1-2 hours, we’ll all decide…

I’ve got a bridgeline-call 1-605-772-3200, then, your pin # is 194089#  coutesy of  Please join us!  And get stuff done!

So, what do you want accountability & support on?

And have you found anything interesting?  Valuable?  Antiques Road Show worthy?

Marcia the Transitions Chick!

Turning mid-life into the RIGHT Life!

Media Makeover

Wow!  Wayne Kelly, radio host & Media Expert gave us tips in my Weblog-blog class today!  I am experiencing BIG-Time change!  As a client said-I think I’ve been in transition 2 or 3 times!

I’m now a subscriber to Wayne’s!  I’m now in media makeover-mode!

He said don’t write notes-have 3 key points.  Be passionate about your topic!

So, what’s your passion?

Marcia the Transitions Chick!
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What is the Get Hired Now! ™ System?

Hey, I figured you’d be interested in this creative process I’m going through as I rewrite and add to my Teleseries, Get Hired Now!  I’m an authorized Group Leader of this way of organizing the job search process-a necessary part of Career Development!  I’m offering it on 2 consecutive days of 90 min. teleclasses to jumpstart this 28 day system and weekly follow up Group Coaching calls plus a text and the accountability and support by me & the team!  It’s an awesome process & really moves you forward to that Great Job!

I get a little passionate-see I really have seen the results!   It really also helps your mind/body soul health & wellness!

My first step is blogging about this!

I’ve got a question for you-all job seekers, mid-life, just graduated, career changers or anyone that ever looked for a job!

What did you feel was your biggest challenge-besides not having a job? 🙂


Marcia the Transitions Chick!         Turning mid-life into the RIGHT Life! ™

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Blogging stead of writing!


I got caught up with reading & commenting on other blogs!  Hours did change.  My fool-proof system to preserve my mental health & overall sense of accomplishment & wellness…Where did ye go?

I did set a date/time for my intro teleclass on womens circle groups-Gather the Women-7pm,Ap. 20th!

And read my Get Hired Now! notes I’m organizing for my next Teleseries on winning Job Search  with Accountabilty plus support built right in!  How can you not move forward & get that great job?

Finished my chapter-(July/Aug.) book-“Inspiration to Realization”.  I’m talking about Transitions and how to deal successfully & move on!  That was yesterday!

A friend had her web site lifted & that stopped her! And another had her designer flee the country!

I have no dire excuse!

What do you find keeps you “stuck” not accomplishing your goals?


Marcia-Turning mid-life into the RIGHT Life! Bonus downloadable e-books when you sign up for my ezine!

SpringCleaing is Wellness!

I’ve decided to hold a Spring Cleaning Accountability Day-April 1st.  I’ve got a FREE  bridgeline, people call in get group encouragement, say what they’re going to do, and 2 hours later, we all call & report you did, aree doing it, or got stuck and didn’t start!  We’ll try to help & problem solve so they can do the task.  Sorta like having to go to gym cause you don’t want to let down your workout buddy!

So far, me in MD, friend in IL, friend in UK and client-we do Life coaching together in CA and?

Won’t you join us?

My task is de-clutter my office-I’m drowning in paper!  Clearing & organizing is part of Wellness.

What do you want to get done?


Marcia the Transitions Chick!