Author 101, I highly recommend it!

booksFour days ago, I was in LA-I was awarded an EIPPY for a book I contributed to hitting Bestseller, “The Big Idea Book”!  You can get them through me,  Just drop me a line- $20 and shipping is included!

What I really am dying to tell you about is Author 101.  It was for three days-full ones, as in bring snacks & plenty of water…Three whole days on Radio/TV guest spots-how to get them & what to say.  The importance of doing video was stressed and had a YouTube success story-he sold 50,000 books!

There were seasoned authors and just writers who want to be authors and everything in between!  We were able to listen to panels of literary agents and in a speed dating fashion, you got to sped pitch your book ideas or actual manuscript!

The pros & cons of traditional publishing, using create space or some other to self-publish or a hybrid POD-Publish on demand, publisher…Some extremely lucky & talented authors walk out with book deals, most don’t.  You make excellent contacts/connections. I’m friending folks I met and have their cards to further the connection.  Rick Frishman created this event and has 35+ years in Publishing.

I think I found my publisher, Perfect Publishing-back in Maryland where I am!  Ken Rochon, the Founder of Perfect Publishing, was one of the first people I saw…It took us to be in LA to reconnect!  How funny is that? 🙂

Authors from ten years to ninety were there. I came away inspired.  Ken Source of Lead Gen talked about online marketing…He had a Campaign Organizer for us to do at home and give to him.  He’ll critique your online presence. He so inspired me-I was up at 6am filling out the Organizer!

He also showed me how to do Facebook Live and I committed to doing at least one video each day til April 6, 2017,  Author 101 is at Hyatt Regency in LA near LAX!  The rooms are gorgeous and in the process of refurbishing the hotel!

I’ll see ya there! April 6-8, 2017.  LeadGen event is day before, then go to Author 101 for FREE!


Everyone deserves a Coach, a Mentor and a Mastermind! Don’t you?


confused guymasterminding

Jim Rohn said that the 5 people that you surround yourself have direct impact on your net worth/income!

So, we should surround ourselves with positive , successful people!  It is said that a person needs, in order to be successful, at least one coach, two is the best.  You should also have a Mentor.  I have two-one in my field and another in another industry, in his case, Real Estate.  Who can say I won’t invest in real estate some time!  Aslo, I have two Mastermind groups-I’m an overachiever…You only need one.  But one, I’m taking a leadership role in!  The other regularly puts me in touch with Multimillionaire mentors!

You guessed it-Global Mastermind from New Peaks.  The level of support and weekly calls with mentors with valuable information and a closed Facebook group to exchange ideas makes it a “must do”.  I get no kickback for saying this…I just want to share this!

So, the question is who are your five?!

Five Painless Marketing Tricks!

confedd womanTomorrow, I go to Mission To Millions-Life Directions in Orlando.  I’m going as a Coach with New Peaks that amazing Personal Development & Training Company-largest in North America and in many countries as

I resolved a blog issue-Sarah W. was outstanding at WordPress.  Got manicure-after Orlando, I fly to LA-get an award for book for which I contributed a chapter then go to Author 101 and get to pitch my new book, “What the Bleep Is Wrong With Me??!”  about my journey to a diagnosis and starting a business at same time!

Who knows-may find a publisher!

Also thinking of what I can do to market my coaching business while away…

  • Sending out my newsletter….Hurray for my Virtual Assistant-but I can do it anywhere, too.
  • Leverage your know-how!  Lead workshops, create talks…you choose a date 6 weeks ahead and send announcement to register. Technology allows you to do this from anywhere!
  • look at online Networking groups and can keep up through social media-can create an event page for your workshops/webinars.
  • Can network with folks at the courses or meetings you attend-find them on LinkedIn/Facebook.
  • Be thrilled about your target market-love what you do and who you serve!

Transition Cycle (part 1)

clockThis is the first installment in a four part series on different types of transitions.  Transitions rarely come in neat boxes and often,more than one transition is happening at the same time.  You can think of transition as a process for how you deal with change.Some examples of transitions are

  • Divorce or separation
  • losing a job or being laid off or fired
  • change of job/career
  • a son/daughter leaves the home for college or work (empty nest)
  • health of a loved one or yourself decreases
  • promotion to a new job
  • getting married or living together
  • your child begins school
  • retirement of your spouse who is underfoot more or your own retirement
  • lifestyle changes such as trying to quit smoking/drinking or weight loss and eating more healthy
  • increased or decreased responsibility at work
  • starting or continuing entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Transitions are usually easier if we’re in control of the changes.  When it’s out of your control, more issues present themselves.  But any type of change will often evoke feelings of anxiety, self-worthiness-(example-am I worthy?)  Feelings of excitement, fear, foreboding and uncertainty are often common.  Each phase comes with different fears.


Adapted from my book, “Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!”  Available on Kindle!

Here’s a great Mastermind + Networking in an atmosphere of support!


In this ever changing crazy world one thing is becoming very clear – Women want and need to support each other.  Men do, too.  Chicks Connect is open to men as well. Many of you have been involved with networking organizations and have reaped the benefits they’ve offered. But I wanted to tell you about an opportunity that is Refreshing, Unique, and Holistic.

My wonderful, outgoing, and successful friend Julie Muller, a woman with great passion and skill, has developed a membership Networking/Mastermind business that will blow you away…!  Chicks Connect is more than a membership; it is a movement.

Click Here to Take Action and Join the Movement NOW!

These women are agents of change, doing much more than simply supporting women in business with referrals and marketing ideas. Becoming a member requires one to look deeper within oneself to live a fuller, more vibrant life, while helping members take the time for self discovery and self-care on every level. Whether you’re a young mother with a home business, an on-the-go professional, or an empty-nester reentering the job market, Chicks Connect is supportive of your business, relationships and life’s challenges.

This is what Chicks Connect offers its members:

  • Connection, Action, and Accountability all built on a foundation of Love & Support;
  • Opportunity to connect with Chicks from other groups around the world.
  • Monthly Webinars with experts in the areas listed on the monthly themes.
  • 52 weeks of Turnkey Business Basics that you will implement weekly.
  • Facilitator Zone with materials to Chair “Chicks Connect” Mastermind groups.
  • (Training materials, support videos, & products)
  • Directory of Chicks – Name, Business Name, State, website link.
  • Money Making Affiliate Opportunity – Chick Magnets
  • Monthly Social Activities.
  • Annual Chick Retreat!
  • Additional Seminars and Courses available.
  • Opportunity to grow your business by giving and receiving referrals from other Chicks.

These groups will be small and intimate allowing for true connection and sisterhood. There are many ways to join. Be a member. Lead a group. Be an affiliate. You get to choose. No matter where you live…there is a sisterhood waiting.

Men are welcome, too If your business s in the womens’ market…Just saying…

Click Here to Take Action and Join the Movement NOW!

I’m a Chick and now, a Co-Chair Chick of the Chesapeake Chicks!  Chapters are all over or start your own!

What I’ve learned while being an exhibitor/speaker at an event.

Whew, the event is over.  Time to break down the table, roll up the banner and pack up the boxes!  It was a great day.  Now’s the time to review and think what I’ve learned.One of the best things I’ve learned is that it’s a great time to build relationships with the other vendors.  I got two radio interviews and a speaking engagement!  I also got a bunch of solid leads.  Most people are willing to help!  I went to take a picture by my phone & left it on neighboring seat!  I was frantic!  Another exhibitor turned it in!  I flew to Registration.  Voila!  My phone was found and returned to me!  Whew!

You are responsible for your audience-invite as many as possible!  On average,you get 3-5-% response out of one hundred! also, when you contract with company hosting the event, read the fine print.  Several vendors assumed the event would supply extension cords.  A few vendors had to run to Walmart and felt rushed during the set up 2 hour window.

Plan out your booth ahead of time…Prepare all your marketing materials a week ahead of time!  Less stress!  I was printing til day of and my printer ran out of ink, requiring a quick purchase run.  Take it from me, plan ahead!  Plan for something to go wrong so you have a cushion in your schedule.  Have fun, make some sales, capture contact info of every person who stops by your booth through raffle & my newsletter sign up.  Smile.  Everything is energy!  Project positive vibrations.  It makes a difference!

womensexpo2016-1cartoon fireworks

What do you need for an Expo?

Today was set up  for the Women’s Expo.  Sunday, October 2nd is the date-12pm-4pm at CCBC www.womensexpomd.comwomensexpo2016-1But, I really want to you what you need to do/have…First, either you or your kind family or friends need to have a strong back!  I’ve found a small suitcase is great for my books and plastic tubs for your marketing materials & plastic holders or signs on your table.  Make sure you have a way to capture their phone and email. I have three clipboards, one for signing up for a free book-a drawing, one to sign up for a 15 min. Laser Coaching session by phone and a big raffle for a 3 months Individual Coaching Program-Jumpstart to Success!

20161001_153954I’ll be in the Health & Wellness section although I am passionate about coaching.  I am both an entrepreneur, a solopreneur and focus on Life Transitions & Career Development. Now, that I think about it- I am all about wellness and setting goals to move you forward to living the life you want!

I also invested in a six foot retractable banner.  I’m speaking and I have two signs advertising my talk! It’s on “Navigating Life’s Changes” and it’s at 2:15 pm on the Mamma Mia stage!  If you’re in the area, stop and say hi!

See, really your participation in any event begins a month BEFORE.  I sent a special Women’s Expo newsletter asking folks to attend, and come to my talk. I appeared on radio and blogged about it.  It’s your responsibility as an exhibitor to do so.

It took about two hours to get it exactly how I wanted it.  This is the first impression you present to a prospective customer.  Your table reflects you.  I am a picky person and know the potential and brand everything!

Bedtime now to gget a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is THE day!

Women’s Expo-Oct. 2nd, CCCBC-12-4pm!

womensexpo2016-1 Saturday is Set-up.  This is where I get to see works or no…I don’t do these kind of events,but, the Concept Designer, Patsee Anderson is a good friend and master Networker/Connector!

Please come  Oct. 2nd, 12-4pm at CCBC, a college near Catonsville, MD & see the 15th Annual Women’s Expo-only $7 at door or order online, too

I speak at 2:15pm on the Mamma Mia Stage on “Navigating Life’s Changes and Challenges!”

Please say hi!  Knowing the majority of my readers come from Europe, Asia & the Middle East, I encourage you go to the website and check out the photos!

Masterminding – a great ideas-generator!


Last week, I attended a Mastermind from New Peaks in La Costa, CA.  It was a gorgeous setting.  It is a rich person’s playground.  But, I wasn’t relaxing,I was working and learning together with 12 like-minded individuals and going through exercises designed to stretch us and get us thinking about our business and how we want to show up in the world.  Napoleon Hill, in his seminal work, “Think & Grow Rich”, states that a Mastermind is a “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

We are all entrepreneurs, some veterans and success, others still struggling and others with only an idea.  I can with 100% certainty, all got ideas, support and wisdom from guest mentors, Adam Markel,CEO of New Peaks & Michael Silvers, Director of Coaching and National Director of Sales.

I am  thrilled to say I did and am using some new-found knowledge!  It is said everyone should have at least 2 coaches, a Mastermind and 1-2 Mentors, do you?

Florence Foster Jenkins & passion!

florene-foster-jenkinsI saw a delightful film on Florence.  She was the World’s Worst Singer! But she was passionate about music and the opera.  She fancied herself a coloratura soprano.  She played Carnegie Hall after several recitals-where “true music lovers” were paid to attend.  See the movie.

But, that’s not why I told you of this-not to sell movie tickets, but, rather to talk about the role passion plays in any endeavor.  Certainly, what you do, an employee or entrepreneur…being passionate about what you do is vital to your sense of purpose.

For Florence, it was music and her belief she had a gift and owed it to perform.  She had a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning!

Now, in her case, the belief was a figment of her imagination.  But she sung her heart out!

I ask my clients -what would excite them to get to see at 6am…Some are interested in personal development, others want business know-how, still others have a hobby they are passionate about and some just don’t know.

All are equally fine answers.  Studies show human beings need a purpose.  I believe everyone can love what they do-in both their life and work, in that order!