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Think Life Triathlon.  Just as you’d train to run a race or do an Ironman-112 miles on bicycle + 2.4 mile swim and then, run a marathon!  Whew, I’m tired just thinking of it! 🙂

Well, the Life Marathon encompasses 3 main wants.  These are more money, being happier and healthier and wanting more love-better relationship with family, friends, joint venture partners and business partners.  Most everybody wants more of these things.

Success Resources, formerly, New Peaks and came from Peak Potentials by T. Harv Eker.  Their Quantum Leap Program addresses all of these and more!

It was the best decision I ever made and improved these aspects of my life.

The beginning is attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive.  Check out this calendar-they’re all over North America and worldwide!  Check it out!

How to handle mistakes-even BIG ones like the Oscars!

I’ve been transitioning from a sick person to a healthy one! 🙂

You may have missed my insightful banter, I am now an author of a book!  not eBook, this one of those you hold in your

And a few chapters in some anthologies and such…


But my purpose for today’s post was inspired by the awful mix-up at The Academy Awards!  Most everybody knows what I’m talking about!

It started me thinking about when we make a mistake.  What do we do? I made a huge mistake?

I had 25 posters made of an event-proofed it beforehand…a bill and the posters arrived.  First thing I noticed- no date that event will be held!

I could have gone to my Director and said “oh no”  what we will we do now?  WRONG!

*Whenever you make a mistake rather than dump it in your boss’ lap…Instead, tell them the problem AND suggest a solution or implement your solution and you may tell your boss after.

In my case, I told of the problem and the solution as there were finances involved and I needed her to approve.

The bad posters were “repurposed” to make our own signs and ordered 25 more signs including the date of the event!

*What if you made a mistake in your business?  Any program/workshop/event that you do, you are the employee as well as the boss, if you are a solopreneur. like me.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What went right?
  2.  What didn’t go right,not wrong-that can be very depressing!  Most people are the worst self-critic.  You’ll hear that little voice-“you can’t do anything right”…You’re always a failure…and that “Negativity Chorus” drones on and on…Stop!  Thank you (those negative voices) for sharing and move on!
  3.  What will I do differently?  (What have I learned and course-correct)

That learning will help you the next time.

What have you learned from your mistakes?


Thank Heavens, it’s a new year!

Marcia Merrill Book Cover (1)

December 2016 wasn’t my favorite time.  It was good-my book is published, printed and ready for sale!

For some reason I can’t get the graphic!  Kinda typical of my December!  When I was dealing with the transition of my ideas into a book.  Was really sick with, what I first thought, was a bad cold, but now know was the *!!!* flu! 🙂  It flattened me-causing to get behind in my blog, the holidays and card-writing and all work plans.  Luckily, my coaching clients had slacked for the Holiday season.

Now, it’s January & time to set SMART goals.

#1 Write at least twice a week!  My blog is very important to me!

What’s your number 1 goal?

What impact do you want to make? Transition from one to the world.

When I think of making an impact, I think about helping/guiding my coaching clients to succeed.  But, having had two full days of Ken MacArthur’s The Impact Event, I’ve come to think on a global scale.  I want to do more speaking.  That alone will impact more lives.  From this event-you’re networking with like-minded individuals, many Millionaires who are speakers as well as attendees, I am going to be on a radio show, that has an impact.  It’s like the butterfly effect, where a butterfly starts flying in China and the impact can be felt in the wind currents clear on other side of the world.

My big dream is to be an International speaker, traveling all over sharing my message that you want to Fall in Love with their Life/work,(in THAT order!)  Imagine what that simple concept would do…no office politics, grapevine rumors, people not feeling trapped in 9-5 grind.  If the rule was-love what you do…People might feel more encouraged to start that new company.  World peace would be a reality-no wars!  More happiness and we all need to be happy.

The Impact Event spurred me to really think and take stock of what impact you want to create in the world?

What impact do you want to make in the world?  Who had an impact on your life?


The Transition from to Solopreneur- Tips to consider…



I am a solo-entrepreneur.  It’s just and my extremely hourly Virtual Assistant.  My dog and cat are my co-workers and they only purr, knock my papers off my desk or bark.  Cute & I love them to pieces, but not a great help brainstorming.  Working alone can be great-no interruptions or watercooler chat … but there’s interruptions or chatting.

There’s Facebook-where you feel like you’re a part of things.  Facebook is a time suck.  An entrepreneur has no boss policing them.big-boss-litle-employee  You have to police yourself!  I learned from LinkedIn -it’s for professionals…it still is so easy to lose track of time and time is our most precious commodity.  You can’t give me some hours or trade a Saturday for 2 Tuesdays-time doesn’t work like that….web

I was talking with a friend who found that keeping to a schedule helps structure the day.  I have Marketing Mondays, maybe 1-2 clients in the evening.  Tues, Wed & Thurs are for clients-following up, if I am working on a client’s resume or business plan, I know what days I can do that.

Fridays are my Business Development Days.  I work on how to grow my business.  What systems do I need to implement? Who do I need to reach out to?  For example, I have a Holiday Special- 90 minute Breakthrough session – $297 I’m contact my former clients it can be a Check up appointment, too.I have been gathering new skills and experiences and know we can have a Breakthrough-solving problems that affect you now and how we can work together on it…What can you offer?  A realtor offered fresh baked Holiday cookies with any staging. A Marketing Coach friend offers her Holiday Marketing Makeover at a discounted investment.

Are you working on your Business?

The Impact Event is coming…

HandshakeI’m so excited a great conference is happening in Baltimore, Maryland next Mon-Wed.  Dec-5-7… tells you all the details.  Ken MacArthur is our host and creator of the conference.  He;s been creating big events for ten years. is about creating an impact in your community and your world.  My publisher. Ken Rochon Of Perfect Publishing and The Umbrella Syndicate look on Facebook!  Ken is a Connector! He’s the partner with Al Granger in the publishing venture.

My book, “Turning Midlife to the RIGHT Life! A Comforting Guide to successfully Navigating Life’s Changes-it’ll be on my website at . My book is just one of books they publish and they’re in Baltimore, but attend events all over! But, the connections… or as Ken says-Kennections!

This could be an immense opportunity to get my book out there and anticipated! It’ll be out for the holidays-great for many.  Midlife is a state of mind, That’s my second book.  I also want to see how I can help them create a bigger impact.  Making a difference in the world through my speaking, individual coaching as well as my writing is all part of my mission. There is a Feature movie and a documentary on impact and that will make a huge difference and I want to be a part of it!

If you’re interested and want to make a bigger impact…you know where you need to be.  Come say Hi!  See you there!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday isn’t there anything else going on? News?



Santa hat on jackosampleI was tired of Black Friday by Wednesday! It’s now Friday and just saw and After Black Friday ad-sheesh!  The Holiday race was On!  The quest for that “perfect” gift started… Enough! And the companies sending the catalogs!  My poor mailman carrying that load and most get recycled-what a waste of trees!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Holiday Season-it just started in October!

I was in London during the week before the Yule Log and figgy puddings were prepared.  The stores didn’t have talking reindeer or a Santa in every corner of the mall!  One or two stores had that jolly old fellow…It was civilised! 🙂  I had no mailbox chock-full of pleas for donations…That came, when we retrieved our boxes of mail.  I sent postcards Holiday-themed.

The transition to Christmas was hardly a fanfare.  It just happened.

I just want to emphasize that the holiday season is meant for sharing with family and friends.


Time of Transition

change-street-signWe are in a time of transition.  Our sense of security for some, has been pulled out from under them.  I don’t care which side of the fence you sit…But from a coaching standpoint,this is a huge opportunity.

Start reflecting-how do I feel about change, in general?  Where elsee does this show up in your lie?

Is your fear of change and the transition process keeping you in a career you’ve no longer,if ever, feel passionate?  has it held you back from starting something new?  Be it starting a business, taking a trip you’ve longed to experience?change-love-it-fear-it

Sometimes your reaction to change can stop you in your tracks.

Finding what you’re passion is or how this aligns with your purpose-although, this sounds positive, can be scary.  It might upset the status quo, get you “unstuck” so you can move forward…That can be scary.  Fear of the unknown.  Sometimes not changing and growing can even be more painful and can outweigh the uncertainty of the change.confedd-woman

Who Moved My Cheese? Change and how we react!

cartoon-cheeseDr. Spencer Johnson, in his fun parable, Who Moved My Cheese?, asked a fundamental question.  What happens when things out of our control change?  How do we typically react? I have almost all of my coaching clients get this book.

In my coaching practice, it’s all about change.  Something’s not working…relationships, finances or just life.  It’s a series of changes and how we handle that change is the transition process.  In my upcoming book, “Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!”,I look at the idea of change, through an easy, 3 Step approach for the Transition Cycle.  Client stories are sprinkled through plus thought questions/exercises to create a journal that you can use.

I find that the more we’re in control of the change, the easier it becomes.  When the change just happens, it’s tougher to handle.

That’s why I like Who Moved My Cheese?  It looks at some big issues in a humorous way. It can be the jumping off point for creating an in-depth coaching program about your particular change/transition process and create an Action plan for you to move forward.

Chicks of Charm Ciy meets Thurs. Dec 1st 7pm-Evergreen

chicks-logoOur Chicemployees at copy machineks of Charm City aka Baltimore, Maryland is Dec. 1st at 7 pm at Evergreen, 501 W. Cold Spring Lane.  All are welcome!  Yes, there are male chicks, not just for women!  They have Chicks groups all over!  But, the one, I’m Chair Chick for is the Maryland one.

I kinda had leadership thrust on me.  I was a Co-Chair, but my Co left and here I am!

Made me reflect on leaders and how they show up.

Some leaders are dictators, “my way or the highway…” That’s justHandshake not me or the Chicks way.  We stand for fellowship and networking and helping each other through mutual support and being a mastermind.  Putting all our experiences to be of mutual support and ideas-generated to grow each others’ business or life!

It’s a great concept and “brainchild” of the founder, Julie Muller.  It really is a movement.  There are numerous benefits to joining.  Come to the meeting Thurs,Dec. 1st and learn-we also laugh and have fun!

Leaders can be quiet, too.  I can be rah-rah, but I lead by example and hope to share that role with others.  I’m all about involving everyone!