Why join a Mastermind?

I’m flying out tomorrow for a week-long Mastermind.  Why do this?  Imagine having 14-25 other like-minded entrepreneurs as your own personal Board of Directors-dedicated to helping grow your business and help solve one of the problems you may encounter.And you are this sounding board and “Board of Directors” for them.  It’s a great feeling to brainstorm ideas to help one another.  Very powerful.  I get to participate in this process all week!

Napoleon Hill, in “Think & Grow Rich” described the mastermind concept as when 2 or more individuals come together for the same purpose.  This expert studied successful men, it was in the thirties…He determined that those who participated in a Mastermind plus other aspects outlined in his book were more successful businessmen/entrepreneurs.

He, himself, was in a Mastermind with leading entrepreneurs of his day. Andrew Carnegie of US Steel and Charles Schwab were in Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind.

Think 2 heads are better than one…or the whole is greater than the sum of its parts…This describes the “think-tank” that is a Mastermind group.  Success Resources sponsors this Global Mastermind and about 27 people are converging on Martha’s Vineyard.  We always go to nice places only three times a year + a weekly call and an active Facebook group.  You can meet anywhere-your local coffee shop or someone’s conference room.

I’ve created a completely virtual one.  Check it out at http://www.momentummastermindgroups.com

The Transition Cycle & Cancer

I’ve been going on appointments to hospital for preparation for chemo for my husband.  When I’m not being positive, upbeat and cheery-I’m a wreck.  Bladder Cancer Awareness Network, BCAN.org has a wealth of knowledge!  It’s where we found the urologic oncologist and the medical oncologist

My confusion isn’t so muddled,last week…More preparatory tests and another Dr’s. appointment and then, maybe, chemo?

I had lots of down time waiting for the patient.

So I thought of The Transition Cycle I created in my book.

I am the “poster child” for transitions!  I’ve changed jobs, careers, got married, divorced and married again eight years later, lost my mom to Alzheimer’s and some good friends to Cancer & AIDS.  I also started a business and moved to a “virtual world” and coach by phone or video conferencing.

Now, boom!  My husband was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer! The Transition Cycle begins once more…

Step One  is the Catalyst Phase- something happens.( the diagnosis)  How you handle the change is the transition process.  It is a process.  The book,”Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!” has more information on The Transition Cycle and what you can do to make a smooth transition   For a free chapter, go to MarciaMerrill.com. 


New Transition Cancer Support & Cheerleader!

I always intend to be completely honest-my transitions (changes in my life).

Change is inevitable and each Transition process of how you experience the  change.Get your FREE chapter om book on Transitions-“Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!” at MarciaMerrill.com

What I want to share with you is I’m going through a transition from merely a loving spouse to one whose husband of almost 23 years, has at least Stage Two Bladder Cancer.  So, now I’m his cheerleader/nurse/support system as he goes through this pretty scary,anxiety-ridden time.

May is Bladder Cancer awareness month-that’6 days from now.

At the same time, I’m running my coaching business.  I’m working on my 2nd book,a compilation of personal stories of midlife women entrepreneurs that started a business at 40-55+, & a Momentum Mastermind group launch-info at Momentummastermindgroups.com –more on these later!

Transitions just don’t exist in a vacuum.  You cannot put “life on hold” while you deal with a transition and its process.

Stay tuned!

Networking-Is it a thing of the past?

The concept of talking face to face can’t be beat.  Whether it be around the water cooler or online through Social media,human beings want to connect.  The popularity of Meetups proves that.

When I go to “traditional”networking events-they usually involve a meal-no, I’m not starving!  I just think “breaking bread” together breaks the ice.  I like gatherings of mostly women, most of whom, are entrepreneurs and they are my target market.

I then, further the relationship by following up on Facebook or LinkedIn or email or, (gasp!) call them.  I usually follow first by electronic means first and suggest a “Virtual coffee” using SKYPE or Zoom.  If  we discover we can be good referral partners, is, herself, a prospective client or Joint Venture Partner or a budding friendship, it might make sense to further the conversation in person or schedule a complimentary Live Your Life With Passion and Purpose Discovery session.  One of my mentors says “the fortune’s in the follow up”.

I recently discovered a successful women who has a Customer Relationship Management system, (CRM) who does nothing with the business cards of those she met!!  They are in the bottom of her purse.

Follow up, deepen the connection, it’s definitely worth it.

Connecting Heart to Heart…Chicks Connect

Last week, I went to Portland, Oregon and much chillier weather than in Baltimore!  Why did I travel for 3 days?  Simple-it was the 2017 Dream Big

CCIC (Chicks Connect Inspiration Conference) We had 2 days to really connect heart to heart, creating a synergy with like-minded (mostly women  and a few men) from 55 chapters all over the country-Oregon, Arizona, Idaho,and ,of course, me from Baltimore, Maryland to name a few.

Yes, “networking” took place but it was more than just a business card exchange. We actually wanted to have a conversation about things other than business, the business card thing was an afterthought.  Chicks Connect is dedicated to community, fun and is a global Mastermind where professional and personal development is emphasized.  All the speakers brought information and humor designed to further our learning and growing.

Check out the Membership details and where they are as well as online chapters.  You can attend any chapter once you’re a member!


I am starting and growing the Baltimore, Maryland chapter, Next Level Chicks.  I joined but only did online and now taking point on starting a chapter.  The sister Chicks I met both online as well as face to face-my support community.  Everyone should have a community of like-minded peers.

Happy National Amaretto Day!

A text greeted me that it was National Amaretto Day.  Must’ve been a slow news day!  I’m really not much of a drinker.  You’ll see me with my green smoothie or a bottle of water way more often!  Amaretto- means slightly bitter…It’s my go-to drink with sour mix-Amaretto Sour, in the winter. My fave melon colada is my” milkshake with a kick” but it’s really a drink for summer…ok, maybe Spring…

I think it’s pretty weird to have a liqueur celebrated.  There’s probably a Drambouie Day or Anisette week or some beer day…No wait, Oktoberfest-it’s got a whole month!

To each his own.  What National___ Day is your favorite?

Author 101- you gotta go!

This was the result of Author 101 University in October 2016.  I needed the kick in the pants and took down a boatload of information on publishing, structuring your book, meeting with Literary Agents, Editors and much more!  I reconnected with Ken Rochon & my book was back from printers’ before Christmas!  “Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!” can be purchased at www.3StepTransitionCycle.com

So, I went to Author 101 University again in April.  Just returned late Sunday night and have 19 pages-front and back of great information !  I now got to hear it through Author’s ears and, of course, picked up lots of new things!:)  I signed up for Oct. 2017 again.  No, I’m going to be working on my 2nd book!

If you’ve ever thought of writing a book,fiction or non-fiction,  go to Author 101University!

3 Success Tips to Live By!


Success can be confusing-we all want it, but…I want to be like my pets, relaxing when they want and not worrying about anything!

I am currently reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. These are ideas that are so obvious but incredibly valuable!


  1.  Take 100% responsibility for what you do, say…The results you do or do not achieve.
  2. Well, of course, you say.  But that means no blaming or rationalizations or whining & complaining-no one else or an outside cause for where you are.
  3. For myself, I allowed my illness and disability to stop me from doing what needs to happen..  As he says “results don’t lie!”  Ouch!  And it’s true.


Know why you’re here. What is your purpose?  Mine is to inspire others to take action and inspire others through education, coaching and speaking as well as writing.  This makes an impact and helps others live more fully.

If you know why you’re on the planet and you do that, you’ll live on purpose and enjoy what you do…even if it’s hard!  Having a big Why pulls you through when you hit roadblocks and is the reason you overcome adversity!


Decide what you want.  We often, don’t really think about this.  How do know when you get there that you’ve satisfied that want.  I want to be wildly successful, not there, yet.  And my big WHY is to have the lifestyle that I can employ my husband, have a more intimate, stronger relationship.  We can travel more, go tandem bicycling and do whatever we want.  I can give more to the causes I believe in…the environment, a cure for Alzheimer’s,poverty- feeding the hungry-food banks and supporting human and animal rights…

You get to choose for all 3 tenets to live by.  What are yours?

5 Ways to Combat Negative Self-talk!

It’s so easy to let that little voice say some pretty negative things-Thank them for sharing…and move forward.

Here are five other suggestions to combat the negative self-talk!

What am I most proud of? it could anything from getting your GED to washing your car really well…The point is focus on the positives!

What do I get compliments on?

What is “uniquely my best self”?  Great cook, Life of the party, volunteer like branding for business.  What makes you,”you”?

What do I love to do…so much so, I lose track of time?  Hint: often part of your “unique you”.

What did I do or simply be that felt amazing?  When were you  fantastic? Hint:  Not always something you did!  We are human BEINGS not human DOINGS.


Millionaire Mind Intensive, (MMI)- you have to go!

I am away from the excitement generated by this course.   You’ll a free upgrade to VIP status!

Now, it’s after MMI when we return to the “Real World”.  Did my affirmations today on Financial Freedom and the Money Management System.

I don’t want to spoil it for you.  There are numerous MMIs all over the world!