What color IS your parachute? Huh?

The best-selling book, “What Color is Your Parachute?” by Richard Bolles is a great job search/career growth “bible”.  It has good exercises and provides some support.  But reading alone might not result in lasting change.  People in transitions-especially midlife women … Continue reading

Are you a workaholic?

As I find myself working at 7:40pm on a Sun. night…Am I a workaholic?  Yep.  My VA tells me to take a break.  I do. I have a meeting of On Purpose Networking for Women Wed night.  I love this … Continue reading

What are fudgies?

What is a yummy decadent “support system”?  Well, not REALLY, support-more like encouragement…No, I’m not suggesting these replace exercise or other positive ways to get feedback. I somehow have to give a fudgie as a special prize for my Get … Continue reading

Email Meltdown!

Can there be anything more frustrating than something that’s supposed to rescue you from the drudgery of calling everyone…not to mention the long distance charges. Andy Wibbels, best-selling author of BlogWild! wrote in his blog about 3 weeks ago,  www.andywibbels.com … Continue reading

Job Search is Everybody’s Business!

I don’t mean to be the”bearer of bad news”…but, I was reading a study in Fortune magazine which said out of thousands of those employed, 70% said they plan to change jobs when the economy improves…Well, unemployment is down in … Continue reading

What Makes Accountability Work?

In about an hour, I’m hosting a Master Mind group.  One of the areas we always talk about is accountability.  Organizing your goals-both daily, weekly and even long-term, like in 5 or 10 years, I will…I read that setting goals … Continue reading

Is My Face Ever Red?

Do you rememberthose embarassment articles?  Well, I’ve got a doozy!  I was so excited to offer the Get Hired Now!  Job Search system-with feedback, support & encouragement from your coach & the team of other job-seekers!  Well, I made a … Continue reading

Being positive-while job-seeking?

I am redesigning my series for job-seekers-both new graduates & those in career transitions.  It’s called, Get Hired Now! ™, a proven 28 day system to land a GREAT job! I’m throwing in the very valuable job search guide as … Continue reading

Blogging stead of writing!

Hi! I got caught up with reading & commenting on other blogs!  Hours did change.  My fool-proof system to preserve my mental health & overall sense of accomplishment & wellness…Where did ye go? I did set a date/time for my … Continue reading

Wow! What isn’t Gather the Women!

I almost forgot to tell you what I experienced at this womens circle group called Gather the Women.  We were about 20, all mid-life in or having gone through some life changes/transitions and very open to discussing current state of … Continue reading