Keeping it real-do what you say you will do…

I’m thinking about accountability while working out at the gym-luckily, I’ve learned you sometimes get the best ideas far from the office. So, I’m a Career/Life Transition Coach and I, too,like many of my midlife clients find themselves in transition-most … Continue reading

You deserve a break today!

I’m a busy solopreneur-don’t get me wrong…I’m not griping!  I love helping midlife/boomer women in Career/Life Transitions! And, I work hard & play hard-it’s a constant struggle to maintain balance in my life! When I coach my clients, we always … Continue reading

Do you buy the Law of Attraction?

Sedona-here’s some pictures from our trip to the Wealth & Life Balance Retreat that I experienced in November.  Why think of it now? Well, cause that was 6 months ago & after a jam-packed weekend of Law of Attraction gurus-folks … Continue reading

What is Gather the Women?

Wed-June 7th, 7pm EST is my FREE tele-circle on Gather The Women, a grassroots organization  whose focus is on change-yourself-career growth, wellness in you and in the world. Most of my clients are midlife women-baby boomer women, and these womens … Continue reading

A Bicycle shift?

I was thinking as we pedaled along-(uh-oh, I see a metaphor coming!) We tried to shift into a better gear & waited, hoping, it would just hurry up already!  That’s what many of my midlife women clients say…change is  uncomfortable…You … Continue reading

Wellness vs. Health!

I started thinking about being healthy from both the INSIDE and out-now I know our Curves gym is a very positive place full of support & encouragement. It takes care of how we look and how we feel-as we get … Continue reading

With Friends like These…

Ask yourself, "Do I surround myself with positive people?" Ever have a "friend" who tells you you’re thin as a rail and should eat?  But, you know, they’re just being kind-you have 20 more pounds to lose and you don’ … Continue reading