What to do with feedback?

Not all of us take feedback well.  Or give constructive “criticism” in a helpful manner.  Just the term “constructive CRITICISM is loaded with feelings of dread or may trigger defensiveness or depression…”I can’t do anything right!” Jack Canfield in “The … Continue reading

The” real skinny” about writing a book!

There’s my book (coming out for the Holidays) “Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!” Gotta get that in whenever I can…and the perfect segue… There are basically 3 Top Marketing reasons given for having a book for sale… Inspire-You have … Continue reading

Masterminding – a great ideas-generator!

Last week, I attended a Mastermind from New Peaks in La Costa, CA.  It was a gorgeous setting.  It is a rich person’s playground.  But, I wasn’t relaxing,I was working and learning together with 12 like-minded individuals and going through … Continue reading

Live with Passion & Purpose!

Live with Passion & Purpose Discovery Session This Free 45 min. session by phone will cover past, present and future goals/dreams for your business and your life. Scheduling Appointments Now Send me an email to marcia@midlifetransitioncoaching.com • Create a sense … Continue reading

Leadership Doesn’t Have To Be Loud!

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  There’s that kid who always organized comes at recess,and then the high school jocks who often are thought as leaders.  College Academic Bowl or the Class President/Student Government and of course the leader … Continue reading

Are you a social entrepreneur?

The whole concept of a Social Entrepreneur,or Socially-Conscious Entrepreneur pretty much describes me.  I care about the environment,social justice, and being a compassionate human being.  Ryan Eliason calls it The Visionary Entrepreneur!  I heard him at the Transformational Author Experience … Continue reading