Writers’ Block-How to beat it!

As an author, there is nothing to dampen your writing spirit by just not coming up with a single sentence!  When Writers” Block rears it’s ugly head…This is what works for me… Change your location.  Get up move around, jog … Continue reading

5 Reasons to write a book!

I went to Author 101 and we discussed the ideas of writing a book.  I know why I write-to bring a message of loving your Life and your work/business( in THAT order!)  But I digress-here are the top Five Reasons … Continue reading

Five Painless Marketing Tricks!

Tomorrow, I go to Mission To Millions-Life Directions in Orlando.  I’m going as a Coach with New Peaks that amazing Personal Development & Training Company-largest in North America and in many countries as well.www.NewPeaks.com. I resolved a blog issue-Sarah W. … Continue reading

Communication,Part 2-Email

Facebook has surpassed email as primary electronic communication tool.  Don’t fret, email is alive and well and stil is the primary means of electronic communication, but, can often be misused and abused.  How many times will you hear the excuse, … Continue reading

Disability Expo, Sat, March 19-Does does this mean big changes in the workplace?

I’m doing a talk on “Disability Does Not Have to Disable You: 5 Secrets for Career/Life Success!” In order to prepare, I looked at many workplace accommodations needed by people with disabilities. I’m trying to break through some barriers that … Continue reading

Oh my achin’ back!

Here I am really excited about this amazing training for Trainers.  I learned so much.  I flew home ready to set the world on fire! But, my back had other ideas!   After turbulence necessitated my husband FedEx ing my … Continue reading

Answering email-waiting is not ok!

Folks are used to getting immediate answers-thanks to texting,social media, even Google-you immediately get the reply!  Email can take much longer.  You can craft your message.  Some companies demand their customer service employees reply at the most-two hours later, but, … Continue reading

Web site baby steps…

A bright, shiny, new web site is now LIVE!  I’m transitioning again.  This time for a full web site instead of just landing pages.  It feels strange but good.  Check out “my baby” http://www.midlifetransitioncoaching.com.   Love to hear what you … Continue reading

Changes are coming-Google’s new criteria

When I started this blog, I really wanted to focus on the transitions all of us experience…What began as a reflection turned into providing numerous different kinds of information on change both in o0thers-my clients, my observations and so9me about … Continue reading

More changes are in the wind..but, I’m grateful for…(part XXV)

I am about 8 weeks until my web site comes out.  I’m going with midlifetransitioncoaching.com, decided against my name.  A business coach warned me of having just your name-tougher to sell.  He said when you start a business, think of … Continue reading