Networking-Is it a thing of the past?

The concept of talking face to face can’t be beat.  Whether it be around the water cooler or online through Social media,human beings want to connect.  The popularity of Meetups proves that. When I go to “traditional”networking events-they usually involve … Continue reading

Keys to Success

Success isn’t one thing.  But, success begins with why?  For what reason are you striving for success?  Being successful is more than being wealthy…I want that too, but there must be more than making lots of money.  I want to … Continue reading Free “5 Strategies for Success!

    I’m really excited to share with you my 5 Strategies for Success!  I’ve poured through research and added my my experience to bring to you successful tips. This Free teleseminar is designed for both the Resolution-Makers and folks … Continue reading

5 Strategies for Success FREE Teleseminar

I want to invite you to a free teleseminar Thurs. Jan. 14 at  7pm  EST or Wed. Jan. 27th at 7pm EST Please, register even thoughit’s Free, you want to reserve your spot. www.Momentum Mastermind  all together … Continue reading

5 Strategies for Success! Free. Teleseminar Tonight! 8pm, EST

Ever feel discouraged?  You chase success…it never .works out!  It’s a new year and even though you’ve made resolutions faithfully, but never seem to accomplish them…Feel frustrated and confused? Back by popular demand! Well,  no more frustration…Come tonight to my … Continue reading

Another Transition- Guerrila Business School gave such a gteat experience!

New Peaks, formerly Peak Potentials,a Personal Development Training Company, offered a comprehensive 5 day program a few  weeks ago in Orlando, Florida.  The Guerrilla Business School was an amazing experience.  It has been called, an MBA on steroids!  I believe … Continue reading

Got a cool new tool for my business systems!    I’m in Master Wealth Creator of Peak Potentials, one of the largest Personal Development Training Company in the world!  So, Mr. Money, Mark Rothstein, and our teacher, talks about working ON your business, not IN your business.  You do this … Continue reading

Answering email-waiting is not ok!

Folks are used to getting immediate answers-thanks to texting,social media, even Google-you immediately get the reply!  Email can take much longer.  You can craft your message.  Some companies demand their customer service employees reply at the most-two hours later, but, … Continue reading

The importance of “NO”! Saying Yes to Freedom!

Entrepreneurs, by nature and often,necessity, wear many hats.  Delegation is the key to sanity in this fast-paced world.  The art of saying no to some things, frees you up for other important things,like family/friends- the special people in our lives. … Continue reading