I’m grateful for…(parts XXVII-XXX)

Being thankful is a daily practice-I use a Gratitude Journal where I write down what I’m grateful for.  I also make it a Success Journal-3 things I did that day to completion.  For example, “Wrote blog post!”  🙂 I started … Continue reading

What is happening to my Baltimore City?

Riots, fires and looting in my city.  Baltimore has been declared a state of emergency.  I’d planned on talking about my mastermind retreat in Las Vegas…Later. The Orioles game is postponed.  School ls closed Tuesday.  Soon, The National Guard will … Continue reading

Celebrate your successes!

I’m celebrating.  After many trials & tribulations,I  got it!  I got in  and finally I am able to post a blog post!  Whew! Here it is! 🙂 After a pretty intensive week of learning and growing at the World’s Greatest … Continue reading

Staying positive…Can you?

I calculated-over 16 years, I’ve facilitated 3 workshops/day on Job Search, Job Search-Interviewing, Resume Writing & other related topics.  One week is 10 workshops and a month-80!  YIKES! No matter what-I talk about the roller coaster-the Job Search process and … Continue reading