Giving Negative feedback-Avoid a toxic workplace!

Everyone likes to know how they’re doing.  There is a very wise saying and that deserves repeating…Praise in public, blame in private.  Simple, yes?  But why do so many managers/bosses forget this! I was caught while the manager while she … Continue reading

Is Your Boss A Jerk? 5 Ways that definitely tell…

Jerks come in all shapes and sizes.  As a coach,some of my clients have related horror stories about their “jerk of a boss!  Here are 5 signs of “jerkdom”. Now, we’re all fallible, even your boss can on occasion, be … Continue reading

Podcasting-a HUGE transition!

You might have noticed, I kinda disappeared from blogging-my back has been plaguing me!  Transverse process fractures are debilitating and painful!  Nuff said.  Everyone has some challenge. Speaking of challenges, I’ve recently started Podcasting Training. I can’t say enough great … Continue reading

Mule Mind -change from nice to stubborn!

I have coached numerous clients, some more open-minded, than others. If you pay a coach to work together to change something holding you back & move forward to your next career or business…life! But, there are types of clients where … Continue reading

From the Holocaust to Freedom-What a transition!

My husband & I went to the Holocaust Museum.  The museum is set up as self-directed and is a powerful experience. Seeing the rise of Hitler and Nazism, was chilling to see and hear. I started thinking about the moderately … Continue reading

Can you say “NO”& mean it?

We teach others how to treat us.  That goes for knowing who to ask for a favor.  My client,let’s call her, Ann wonders why everyone’s always asking her to do something she’d rather not do!  Why?  It’s simple…because she always … Continue reading

The Ultimate Sales brochure-the resume!

Marketing?  Yes, marketing.  All the job search activities matter.  Your letter explains why your resume is on that computer or on the desk and why they should interview you!  That is your “sales brochure.” Resumes are the beginning.  There are … Continue reading

Why does it take others to tell us our gifts?

I just didn’t see it!  Me…funny?  Nah!  But, over and over and over again at ” Making The Stage’. It’s day 3, running on fumes but I jump up each morning,  when our work ends 12-1 am!   6:45 am … Continue reading

How to be a World Class Trainer! Go to “Making The Stage”

Not long ago, I took “Train The Trainer” from New Peaks,formerly, Peak Potentials.  As you read this, I’m at the next course &  get advanced training on being a Trainer.  A Trainer needs a few things-some, I believe can’t be … Continue reading

How NOT to ace your interview…

By popular demand, people email me directly!  Honest.  Please comment! I want to talk about interviewing.  Now,in this day & age, expect your potential employer has googled you!  Those funny pictures with you surrounded by beer bottles-cute, but you have … Continue reading