Networking,great ways to job search, grow business and make friends!

I went to a networking meeting recently.  After being away due to health and taking courses that prevented me from attending, it felt like my first meeting! But, I was welcomed and made to feel at home.  There were women … Continue reading

The Ultimate Relationship Retreat, not a Couples event at all!

Catching up after going to the Ultimate Relationship Retreat by New Peaks, the largest Personal Development and Training Company in North America as well as many countries! Outstanding! 5 days experiential learnings. Amazing support, I’m so glad we attended! Clark … Continue reading

Having a Network That Is Sustainable.

In a previous post, I shared the top 5 people you need to have in your network.. further thought,I discovered I needed to add these seven additions for your network to work! 1.These people are ones who appear or are … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(parts XXVII-XXX)

Being thankful is a daily practice-I use a Gratitude Journal where I write down what I’m grateful for.  I also make it a Success Journal-3 things I did that day to completion.  For example, “Wrote blog post!”  🙂 I started … Continue reading

5 People every network MUST have!

Most people agree, networks are important.  Making connections makes you a better person and as 70% of jobs are found through networking, for a career changer, it’s a must! But, networking is not the exclusive realm of the job seeker. … Continue reading

What is a mastermind and why should I care…

Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich and many other Business/Financial books, defined the mastermind group as “a unique concept that leverages the collective power of the group creating a third mind..”.Hill described masterminding as the “coordination of knowledge … Continue reading

With Friends like These…

Ask yourself, "Do I surround myself with positive people?" Ever have a "friend" who tells you you’re thin as a rail and should eat?  But, you know, they’re just being kind-you have 20 more pounds to lose and you don’ … Continue reading

Choosing from the “menu” of life!

Many of my midlife women clients, baby boomer women or anywhere in between, have this in common-choice and what this means. In our coaching, we discuss options giving them the encouragement and realistic feedback they need.  The question is "what … Continue reading

Two Paths, which one(s) are you?

As I looked on while my "niece" celebrated her 10th birthday at her family’s barbecue, I marvel at how different her mom, Jane & I had become.  Many are both wife & career women,, but our lives intersected once and … Continue reading