Masterminding – a great ideas-generator!

Last week, I attended a Mastermind from New Peaks in La Costa, CA.  It was a gorgeous setting.  It is a rich person’s playground.  But, I wasn’t relaxing,I was working and learning together with 12 like-minded individuals and going through … Continue reading

Should I Attend Mastery Self Expression?

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then, go out and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”   Harold Whitman   I came alive.  I’m a … Continue reading

How to create win-wins.

This is the goal.  Both sides are happy-a win-win situation.  But, what went on “behind the scenes” to make that result? Here are are 3  ways to create win-win situations. Find out what the other person wants and determine what … Continue reading

Mastery Self Expression-impressions-Should you attend?

Mastery Self Expression Self Expression is a brilliant and hugely experiential.! Obviously, it was so impactful affecting every aspect of Life… Thank you,Larry Gilman, Henry J. Mah and Emily Nakai and all the the A-team! And yes, you should attend!  … Continue reading

Gossip-How To Combat the “Grapevine”

Gossip is almost impossible to combat-especially, in the workplace.  Memos can go out,in-service trainings can be given on stopping gossip and folks gossip about the Anti-Gossip Training! Why is gossip such a concern in the workplace?  It saps morale. It … Continue reading

Giving Negative feedback-Avoid a toxic workplace!

Everyone likes to know how they’re doing.  There is a very wise saying and that deserves repeating…Praise in public, blame in private.  Simple, yes?  But why do so many managers/bosses forget this! I was caught while the manager while she … Continue reading

You can “go to a Conference” without leaving your home! Think Live Streaming!

Yes, we have live streaming for this conference.  Check it out! Empower yourself! Get unstuck, unleash your inner power and become unstoppable!! Join us for 3 days of training in sunny Las Vegas, April 1-3, 2016 in the areas … Continue reading

Happy Workplace-5 tips in giving Negative Feedback

Many managers thrive on encouraging employees.  Giving negative feedback?  Not so much. Here are some tips for managers to maintain a happy workplace environment. Immediacy is key.  Once a manager notices something that isn’t working due to a certain behavior…Attend … Continue reading

Top 7 questions new hires should expect to hear!

(I’ve been repeatedly asked to write on Careers-I listened to my readers) Everyone knows, when you’re a new employee, you need to make a good impression!  Usually, in the first 60-90 days, the standard probationary period, you’ll most likely hear … Continue reading

FemPower Summit 2016-conference dedicated to empowering women…

FemPower Summit 2016 is designed to encourage, support and empower women in finances, spirituality,career/business growth, relationships and other aspects of your lives.  I am excited to join several amazing presenters all dedicated to helping you discover your hidden potential. It’s … Continue reading