Soul Over Matter

A new New Peaks event partnered with Master Sha, Soul Over Matter, sounded like combining Eastern Philosophy with Western thought on mindset that New Peaks talks about in all of our classes and permeates all the teachings.  I like, respect … Continue reading

Rituals-Daily Practices

We all have rituals in our lives-coffee every morning, some read a daily affirmation while others write their trusty to-do list.  I do all 3-except for the coffee,I drink a smoothie with good healthy stuff in it.  But, many books … Continue reading

You Made Your Story Up!

Stories are a part of the human experience.  Everyone loves a good story Stories are used to emphasize a point and often, to market a product or service.  Sometimes the stories are true…Some are made up! We tell ourselves all … Continue reading

Mastery Self Expression-should I attend? (Part 2)

Mastery Self Expression by Larry Gilman is an absolute yes, you should attend!  It promotes risk-taking and stepping out of your comfort zone. And we did.  We started out as twelve apprehensive and somewhat nervous individuals.  Two days later, we … Continue reading

Mastery Self Expression-impressions-Should you attend?

Mastery Self Expression Self Expression is a brilliant and hugely experiential.! Obviously, it was so impactful affecting every aspect of Life… Thank you,Larry Gilman, Henry J. Mah and Emily Nakai and all the the A-team! And yes, you should attend!  … Continue reading

NLP-more than a communication tool!

Neuro-linguistic Programming, (NLP) is a communication tool, but so much more!  NLP  is not therapy.  If psychological therapy can be considered as focusing on what’s wrong…NLP focuses on what’s right!  As the trainer and NLP master who I trained under … Continue reading

Web sites and transitions

  A friend just emailed how much she loves my new website look.Great colors, very welcoming…This got me to thinking, colors really ARE important!  I have had about 5 websites.  I’m hardly a web Expert, this is what I’ve learned … Continue reading

Do you have a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is that voice that tells a person and guides their behavior,  Many limiting beliefs result in obstacles to impede your moving forward.  We’re stuck on these messages. Often these limiting beliefs are what you’ve heard when you were … Continue reading

How To Be A Great Protege (Mentee)

Becoming a protege (mentee) can be a great way to hit the ground running  It’s better than New Employee Orientation.  This an ongoing,(not just a few hours)  It can provide you with valuable information-could fast-track you to a promotion and … Continue reading