Happy Thanksgiving!  I consulted both Wikipedia, which didn’t help and “Goog” as Johnny Bananas,guest on Jimmy Fallon, would say.  Every source said it was a 3 day feast that fell during the Harvest feast with the Pilgrims and heir good … Continue reading

The Transition Cycle & Cancer

I’ve been going on appointments to hospital for preparation for chemo for my husband.  When I’m not being positive, upbeat and cheery-I’m a wreck.  Bladder Cancer Awareness Network, has a wealth of knowledge!  It’s where we found the urologic … Continue reading

The Transition from to Solopreneur- Tips to consider…

  I am a solo-entrepreneur.  It’s just and my extremely hourly Virtual Assistant.  My dog and cat are my co-workers and they only purr, knock my papers off my desk or bark.  Cute & I love them to pieces, but … Continue reading

Writers’ Block-How to beat it!

As an author, there is nothing to dampen your writing spirit by just not coming up with a single sentence!  When Writers” Block rears it’s ugly head…This is what works for me… Change your location.  Get up move around, jog … Continue reading

Getting back to work after health challenges

(Apologies, been way ill and lots of health challenges-on the mend now…) Being away for health reasons really is horrid.  Opening a ridiculously large amount of emails, lousy and I have two.  I know…most people nowadays are in the same … Continue reading

3 Tips of successful entrepreneurs

I think I’ve been reading and going to webinars since I began being an entrepreneur!  There is sooo much information out there , free and not free- it’s quite overwhelming!  I’ve even taken ones on overwhelm.  Then, as with everything … Continue reading

Help! My finances need coaching!

These are the actual words one of my business coaching clients said.  Now, she was partially joking, but I work with my clients around aspects of their business and their life!  You may think to yourself, “that’s why she’s in … Continue reading

5 Strategies for Success! Free. Teleseminar Tonight! 8pm, EST

Ever feel discouraged?  You chase success…it never .works out!  It’s a new year and even though you’ve made resolutions faithfully, but never seem to accomplish them…Feel frustrated and confused? Back by popular demand! Well,  no more frustration…Come tonight to my … Continue reading

Christmas starts when??

Have you ever watched those great, tear-jerker Hallmark Holiday classics?  Makes you feel warm and charitable doesn’t it?  How many catalogs and the pleas donations from every non profit? Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays.  I just want … Continue reading

Can you say “NO”& mean it?

We teach others how to treat us.  That goes for knowing who to ask for a favor.  My client,let’s call her, Ann wonders why everyone’s always asking her to do something she’d rather not do!  Why?  It’s simple…because she always … Continue reading