NLP- what is it, anyway Part one

When I want to know about something, I take further learning in it.  I immerse myself.  I’ve come off an concentrated 4 days in beautiful La Costa Resort, a playground for the rich!  5k/night suite which you can get a … Continue reading

Getting back to work after health challenges

(Apologies, been way ill and lots of health challenges-on the mend now…) Being away for health reasons really is horrid.  Opening a ridiculously large amount of emails, lousy and I have two.  I know…most people nowadays are in the same … Continue reading

You Made Your Story Up!

Stories are a part of the human experience.  Everyone loves a good story Stories are used to emphasize a point and often, to market a product or service.  Sometimes the stories are true…Some are made up! We tell ourselves all … Continue reading

Why does it take others to tell us our gifts?

I just didn’t see it!  Me…funny?  Nah!  But, over and over and over again at ” Making The Stage’. It’s day 3, running on fumes but I jump up each morning,  when our work ends 12-1 am!   6:45 am … Continue reading

How to be a World Class Trainer! Go to “Making The Stage”

Not long ago, I took “Train The Trainer” from New Peaks,formerly, Peak Potentials.  As you read this, I’m at the next course &  get advanced training on being a Trainer.  A Trainer needs a few things-some, I believe can’t be … Continue reading

Aren’t you worth it?

You know those hair color commercials of the eighties…”because I’m worth it.  And when I splurged on a really nice restaurant or that pocketbook to die for, I’d say because I’m worth it. Are you really worth it?  Sometimes, those … Continue reading