The new solopreneur needing “training wheels”…

First you learn to crawl before you walk…I ride a bicycle built4 two ( a tandem)  this is the Kent County Spring-4 days bike rally in FLAT Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Great-overwhelmed-about 400+, but FUN! Chance to de-stress, step back … Continue reading


Changing Planes-it’s a lot like life. Isn’t it? You know being in an airport unfortunately “stuck” waiting to change planes is like life…It’s very similar to changing careers or any number of changes.  It seems everyone knows where they’re going … Continue reading

Taylor Hicks,American Idol, follower of his passion!

I’m hearing the “buzz” about America Idol everywhere!  Heck, I’m even blogging about it & I’m sure not the only one! I thought about the music I heard & how Taylor always knew what was right for him-he followed his … Continue reading

Get Hired Now! starts tomorrow-are you ready?

I almost forgot…Not!  I’m very excited to teach the Get Hired Now! Teleseries. I thought those needing support as they went through the job search would be my takers. Some are…others are entrepreneurs wanting accountability and a proven system for … Continue reading

What color IS your parachute? Huh?

The best-selling book, “What Color is Your Parachute?” by Richard Bolles is a great job search/career growth “bible”.  It has good exercises and provides some support.  But reading alone might not result in lasting change.  People in transitions-especially midlife women … Continue reading

Blastoff to fame?

GetKnownNow Blastoff class is an 8 week series designed as a support & feedback class to help us win fame & fortune! 🙂 I wrote a chapter for a book,”Inspiration to Realization” due out in July.  My topic, what else … Continue reading

Job Search is Everybody’s Business!

I don’t mean to be the”bearer of bad news”…but, I was reading a study in Fortune magazine which said out of thousands of those employed, 70% said they plan to change jobs when the economy improves…Well, unemployment is down in … Continue reading

Being positive-while job-seeking?

I am redesigning my series for job-seekers-both new graduates & those in career transitions.  It’s called, Get Hired Now! ™, a proven 28 day system to land a GREAT job! I’m throwing in the very valuable job search guide as … Continue reading

Shakespeare’s Additional Plays in an old book!

Wow-I heard on television (hey, after CSI & Without A Trace comes the news!)  My media fix!  Well, it seems that one of the 600-700 that were printed of all of Shakespeare’s plays – new ones! was found!  Incredibly rare!  … Continue reading

What is the Get Hired Now! ™ System?

Hey, I figured you’d be interested in this creative process I’m going through as I rewrite and add to my Teleseries, Get Hired Now!  I’m an authorized Group Leader of this way of organizing the job search process-a necessary part … Continue reading