So, you wanna stay in business? (Part One)

Andrea J. Lee in her book,” We Need to talk-Guide for Having Difficult Conversations, she  reveals some internal conflicts entrepreneurs may have.  I’ve added a few of my own from my 2nd book out in 2016 about  the 10 Deadly … Continue reading

Leaving the 9-5 Grind…Whatever would you do?

Many midlife women working for someone else think, “is this all there is?”  Not hardly.  Imagine you’ve left the traffic-jammed commute, a boss telling you what to do,a bagged lunch or the expense of eating out each day…And you can … Continue reading

Maru-Gratitude in all things.

I told you I went with my husband to an incredible 3 day investment seminar…not sure what to expect, but I had heard the trainer, a charismatic, yet down to earth, laid-back kind of guy.  Figured, it’d be entertaining at … Continue reading

I don’t regret anything…Je ne regrette rien!

Whenever I think about regrets, believe it or not, many seek coaching because of not wanting to regret anything. I was just listening to Edith Piaf, a French torch singer and her very forthright statement, Je ne regretted rien, an … Continue reading

I’m learning, growing & changing my “brand”

I have been in Career/Life Transition Coaching, in some form or other most of my life!  As a business…about 10 years…I’m going full-out, and know my life purpose, and changing into what I am, have always been…Someone might say-“She’s claiming … Continue reading

Choosing from the “menu” of life!

Many of my midlife women clients, baby boomer women or anywhere in between, have this in common-choice and what this means. In our coaching, we discuss options giving them the encouragement and realistic feedback they need.  The question is "what … Continue reading

Two Paths, which one(s) are you?

As I looked on while my "niece" celebrated her 10th birthday at her family’s barbecue, I marvel at how different her mom, Jane & I had become.  Many are both wife & career women,, but our lives intersected once and … Continue reading

Do systems make sense?

The psychology of using a system is that by doing what you need to do consistently, you achieve consistent results!  That’s powerful. In my last post,I talked about Accountability..once again, folks commented to me personally, not here! So, like the … Continue reading

What Makes Accountability Work?

In about an hour, I’m hosting a Master Mind group.  One of the areas we always talk about is accountability.  Organizing your goals-both daily, weekly and even long-term, like in 5 or 10 years, I will…I read that setting goals … Continue reading

Is My Face Ever Red?

Do you rememberthose embarassment articles?  Well, I’ve got a doozy!  I was so excited to offer the Get Hired Now!  Job Search system-with feedback, support & encouragement from your coach & the team of other job-seekers!  Well, I made a … Continue reading