Time of Transition

We are in a time of transition.  Our sense of security for some, has been pulled out from under them.  I don’t care which side of the fence you sit…But from a coaching standpoint,this is a huge opportunity. Start reflecting-how … Continue reading

Who Moved My Cheese? Change and how we react!

Dr. Spencer Johnson, in his fun parable, Who Moved My Cheese?, asked a fundamental question.  What happens when things out of our control change?  How do we typically react? I have almost all of my coaching clients get this book. … Continue reading

What’s the Women’s Expo and why should I go?

An Expo is an opportunity to hear speakers and learn about products and services that will bring you fulfillment in your life!  The Women;s Expo is for women and the men who love them!  Go to womensexpomd.com You will see … Continue reading

Keys to Success

Success isn’t one thing.  But, success begins with why?  For what reason are you striving for success?  Being successful is more than being wealthy…I want that too, but there must be more than making lots of money.  I want to … Continue reading

You Made Your Story Up!

Stories are a part of the human experience.  Everyone loves a good story Stories are used to emphasize a point and often, to market a product or service.  Sometimes the stories are true…Some are made up! We tell ourselves all … Continue reading

Live with Passion & Purpose!

Live with Passion & Purpose Discovery Session This Free 45 min. session by phone will cover past, present and future goals/dreams for your business and your life. Scheduling Appointments Now Send me an email to marcia@midlifetransitioncoaching.com • Create a sense … Continue reading

The Ugly truth about resumes

A resume gets you a job, right?  Nope, not that simple…a good, well-written, error-free resume may get you an interview.  Emphasis on MAY!  The Hiring Manager/Recruiter/Employer read every resume.  ‘Fraid not. A recruiter friend once told me that she gets … Continue reading

What makes an interview, an interview?

  Simple answer?  Every time you invited in for a potential position…this makes it an interview.  Being invited in can coming into the company’s offices or having a phone interview.  Not sure why some people don’t seem to take a … Continue reading

5 Strategies for Success! Free. Teleseminar Tonight! 8pm, EST

Ever feel discouraged?  You chase success…it never .works out!  It’s a new year and even though you’ve made resolutions faithfully, but never seem to accomplish them…Feel frustrated and confused? Back by popular demand! Well,  no more frustration…Come tonight to my … Continue reading

The Ultimate Sales brochure-the resume!

Marketing?  Yes, marketing.  All the job search activities matter.  Your letter explains why your resume is on that computer or on the desk and why they should interview you!  That is your “sales brochure.” Resumes are the beginning.  There are … Continue reading