Oh my achin’ back!

Here I am really excited about this amazing training for Trainers.  I learned so much.  I flew home ready to set the world on fire! But, my back had other ideas!   After turbulence necessitated my husband FedEx ing my … Continue reading

Why does it take others to tell us our gifts?

I just didn’t see it!  Me…funny?  Nah!  But, over and over and over again at ” Making The Stage’. It’s day 3, running on fumes but I jump up each morning,  when our work ends 12-1 am!   6:45 am … Continue reading

With Friends like These…

Ask yourself, "Do I surround myself with positive people?" Ever have a "friend" who tells you you’re thin as a rail and should eat?  But, you know, they’re just being kind-you have 20 more pounds to lose and you don’ … Continue reading

Alzheimers is scary!

My mom had Alzheimer’s…As a baby boomer and one of the many midlife women, I am very  concerned.  Reading about how boomers worry about this, I can sympathize.  The Third Age-http://www.thirdage.com/news/articles/ALT02/06/05/05/ALT02060505-02.html  talked about how unprepared we are to even think … Continue reading