Chicks of Charm Ciy meets Thurs. Dec 1st 7pm-Evergreen

Our Chicks of Charm City aka Baltimore, Maryland is Dec. 1st at 7 pm at Evergreen, 501 W. Cold Spring Lane.  All are welcome!  Yes, there are male chicks, not just for women!  They have Chicks groups all over!  But, … Continue reading

Here’s a great Mastermind + Networking in an atmosphere of support!

In this ever changing crazy world one thing is becoming very clear – Women want and need to support each other.  Men do, too.  Chicks Connect is open to men as well. Many of you have been involved with networking … Continue reading

You Made Your Story Up!

Stories are a part of the human experience.  Everyone loves a good story Stories are used to emphasize a point and often, to market a product or service.  Sometimes the stories are true…Some are made up! We tell ourselves all … Continue reading

FemPower Summit 2016-conference dedicated to empowering women…

FemPower Summit 2016 is designed to encourage, support and empower women in finances, spirituality,career/business growth, relationships and other aspects of your lives.  I am excited to join several amazing presenters all dedicated to helping you discover your hidden potential. It’s … Continue reading

The Ultimate Relationship Retreat, not a Couples event at all!

Catching up after going to the Ultimate Relationship Retreat by New Peaks, the largest Personal Development and Training Company in North America as well as many countries! Outstanding! 5 days experiential learnings. Amazing support, I’m so glad we attended! Clark … Continue reading

I’m grateful for…(parts XXVII-XXX)

Being thankful is a daily practice-I use a Gratitude Journal where I write down what I’m grateful for.  I also make it a Success Journal-3 things I did that day to completion.  For example, “Wrote blog post!”  🙂 I started … Continue reading

I am a Warrior-an Enlightened Warrior

Picture a beautiful, dry California desert, the home of the Enlightened Warrior Camp run by Peak Potentials, New Peaks-a personal development  company and this camp was amazing and fun and challenging.  I just got back from Enlightened Warrior Camp in … Continue reading

Transitions and Internet Marketing

This is still about my Global Mastermind Program.  Bill Courtright, a very successful entrepreneur just came to hang out and be of service to us.  He offered all thirty of us a chance to mastermind with him after we’d said … Continue reading

The Transitions of our friends…

I received an email from a former student-angry that I’d lost touch-she did, too.  But, it’s all good-I am not blaming!  Friendships come & go and what once was…sometimes has to change.  The transition from employee to small business owner…an … Continue reading

What to write?

When folks hear I write many articles, a monthly newsletter & am now, a featured author in Inpiration to Realization-on my web And will be featured in Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs (pub. Oct. 2006!)    I write on being … Continue reading