What keeps you up at night?

No, this isn’t a commercial for a sleep aid…Well, not a "quick fix-take a pill" variety.  "What keeps you up at night-tossing & turning & worrying & not resting peacefully…? This often is a big part of any coaching session-be … Continue reading

What’s the “rock in your shoe”?

This idea of a small rock-a pebble or a large stone in your shoe hurting or annoying you is much of what I ask in my coacing sessions. Baby Boomer women-often identified as midlife women are my niche-who I am … Continue reading

There is no”I” in TEAM…

Wow.  I just completed a products class. And, yes, I did create a Get Hired Now intro teleclass and the Get Hired Now! teleseries with 7 hours of  instruction and small group coaching…at http://www.eCareerCorner.com But the best part was the … Continue reading

What Does It Mean to be An Entrepreneur?

Last weekend, I flew 3000 miles to attend a 2 1/2 day intense seminar with a small goup of entrepreneurs-not solopreneurs & according to the small business guru, there IS a huge difference! It brought up more questions than answers.  … Continue reading

Power of Collaboration was fantastic!

Great, I need another idea, right? Entrepreneurs go into business-often, small business because of a few things…They’re passionate about their topic and want the freedom to create your own ideas and grow financially – learn about putting out an e-book, … Continue reading

What does it mean to be a “teacher”?

Can you "teach" what you’re learning as you go?  I just celebrated my 2nd year in my own small business as a Career/Life Transitions Coach and a solopreneur!  Yippee. And now I have a new coach as a client-valuing what … Continue reading

Baby Boomer Women like me-you?

Just read an article how boomers feel 7 years younger than their age-And with better healthcare-could live another 20-30 years after retirement! This has tremendous impact for the business world-Fortune 500 and the small business alike.  Boomers are responsible for … Continue reading

Hi from the Jetlagged Solopreneur!

Hi, I’m ba-ack! And jet-lagged…Took the Redeye from LA to Baltimore!  Ugh!  I’ll share more later!  Bought See’s Chocolates-yummy souvenirs! Anyone heard of See’s chocolates?  They give you a piece of chocolate when you buy! 🙂 Take care Marcia Merrill,CCMC, … Continue reading

The Balancing Act

Being a Career Woman & a mom are far from mutually exclusive!  Many of my coaching clients are a combination-wife/mother/career woman and either are looking for life/work balance and a job that "fits" or want to be their own employer … Continue reading