Thanksgiving-from a solo-entrepreneur’s perspective

Yesterday, I reflected on how every day can be Thanksgiving!  No, not the feasting part-the gratitude one! I always say to my coaching clients, family and myself-yes-self-talk is very important (the positive kind, not those little negative tapes!) have/adopt "an … Continue reading

Being “stuck”-is this true?

I’ve been in a booth at the Book Festival in Baltimore, MD all weekend.  Many who I’ve talked with-baby boomer women or midlife women, men, too.  They talk about experiencing now && being in some transition and being stuck.  I … Continue reading

What does friendship have to do with Get Hired Now! teleseries?

Friendship is so special.  Women, in particular,are natural helpers, nurturers, provide mutual support,encouragement…Sometimes a loving "kick in the butt!" My coaching clients, about 70%+baby boomer women, tell me they feel great referring a friend to me for guidance & help … Continue reading

Do you glow with passion?

This morning, I went to a Vivacity Womens Networking Breakfast.  The 30+ women were mostly baby boomer generation, some,talked of feeling "stuck" in transition. Others talked about thinking their life is their family-only now, this changed.  The kids were growing … Continue reading

Get Hired Now! Teleseries begins Sept. 6th!

Sometimes, trying to remember to do it all-for this solopreneur clearly isn’t possible!  I forgot to even mention my Teleseries-7 hours of class instruction and a month-4 weeks of Group Coaching-it’s a 28 day plan-to keep you on track & … Continue reading

The Long Tail-what’s that?

The Long Tail is a book about Internet Marketing-often for the entrepreneur.  The idea that a niche -especially the keywords that you search on are getting more complex and this results in folks making their income from smaller priced items-just … Continue reading

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing is an internet marketing strategy which uses word of mouth to create the buzz that increases traffic or sales from your web site.  Any entrepreneur or any small business would love this kind of free advertising! Those videos … Continue reading

Clutter is in the eye of the beholder

A past post on my former blog talked about clutter…specifically, de-cluttering my PC.  One of the comments said they think of kitchen counters & closets when they think of clutter. I read that having clutter around you can hamper your … Continue reading

Lessons from a Chocolate Museum

A Chocolate Museum?  I was in heaven! Our last day of vacation-far away fom my coaching business and learning about small business practices or the worries and joys of being a solopreneur! The only thing I planned to do was … Continue reading