Time of Transition

We are in a time of transition.  Our sense of security for some, has been pulled out from under them.  I don’t care which side of the fence you sit…But from a coaching standpoint,this is a huge opportunity. Start reflecting-how … Continue reading

Who Moved My Cheese? Change and how we react!

Dr. Spencer Johnson, in his fun parable, Who Moved My Cheese?, asked a fundamental question.  What happens when things out of our control change?  How do we typically react? I have almost all of my coaching clients get this book. … Continue reading

5 Reasons to write a book!

I went to Author 101 and we discussed the ideas of writing a book.  I know why I write-to bring a message of loving your Life and your work/business( in THAT order!)  But I digress-here are the top Five Reasons … Continue reading

Author 101, I highly recommend it!

Four days ago, I was in LA-I was awarded an EIPPY for a book I contributed to hitting Bestseller, “The Big Idea Book”!  You can get them through me, marcia@midlifetransitioncoaching.com  Just drop me a line- $20 and shipping is included! … Continue reading

Free ebook when you do 45 min call “Live With Passion” session!

I’m offering for free in exchange for giving me 45 min. so I can conduct your “Live With Passion” Discovery session by phone.  You’ll get clarity, beginning Action Plan,a Transformation Expert/Career/Business Coach providing undivided attention and help  with manifesting the … Continue reading

Podcasting-a HUGE transition!

You might have noticed, I kinda disappeared from blogging-my back has been plaguing me!  Transverse process fractures are debilitating and painful!  Nuff said.  Everyone has some challenge. Speaking of challenges, I’ve recently started Podcasting Training. I can’t say enough great … Continue reading


New business ideas from my Global MasterMind Retreat!

Ideas are percolating…Yesterday, I grabbed new domains.  Strategizing ways to rebrand the business!  More transitions.  Transitions are nothing to scared about…They always occur-things change.  I’ve never met anyone who has not experienced any changes in their lives.  It’s how you … Continue reading

Clutter is in the eye of the beholder

A past post on my former blog talked about clutter…specifically, de-cluttering my PC.  One of the comments said they think of kitchen counters & closets when they think of clutter. I read that having clutter around you can hamper your … Continue reading

There is no”I” in TEAM…

Wow.  I just completed a products class. And, yes, I did create a Get Hired Now intro teleclass and the Get Hired Now! teleseries with 7 hours of  instruction and small group coaching…at http://www.eCareerCorner.com But the best part was the … Continue reading