Millionaire Mind Intensive, (MMI)- you have to go!

I am away from the excitement generated by this course.   You’ll a free upgrade to VIP status! Now, it’s after MMI when we return to the “Real World”.  Did my affirmations today on Financial Freedom and the Money Management … Continue reading

Thank Heavens, it’s a new year!

Marcia Merrill Book Cover (1) December 2016 wasn’t my favorite time.  It was good-my book is published, printed and ready for sale! For some reason I can’t get the graphic!  Kinda typical of my December!  When I was dealing … Continue reading

5 Reasons to write a book!

I went to Author 101 and we discussed the ideas of writing a book.  I know why I write-to bring a message of loving your Life and your work/business( in THAT order!)  But I digress-here are the top Five Reasons … Continue reading

Blogging-what do I write about?

  Blogging is a great way to communicate and get your message out.  I’ve been blogging on & off since 2006-7.  And changes have occurred along the way.  First off, a blog is a web site and Google loves blogs … Continue reading

Web sites and transitions

  A friend just emailed how much she loves my new website look.Great colors, very welcoming…This got me to thinking, colors really ARE important!  I have had about 5 websites.  I’m hardly a web Expert, this is what I’ve learned … Continue reading


New business ideas from my Global MasterMind Retreat!

Ideas are percolating…Yesterday, I grabbed new domains.  Strategizing ways to rebrand the business!  More transitions.  Transitions are nothing to scared about…They always occur-things change.  I’ve never met anyone who has not experienced any changes in their lives.  It’s how you … Continue reading

Why blog at all?

When I’m faced with thinking and writing another post, sometimes I ponder why blog anyway?  Actually there are some very good reasons. Let’s talk business for a second.  If you’re in business, you need to have a web and Internet … Continue reading

Leadership Doesn’t Have To Be Loud!

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  There’s that kid who always organized comes at recess,and then the high school jocks who often are thought as leaders.  College Academic Bowl or the Class President/Student Government and of course the leader … Continue reading

Blogging For Your Business

I’m taking this course with Karen Leland on Social Media Mastery and one of her modules is on blogging.  She said that in order to be an effective blogger, you need to go outside of your subject and not be … Continue reading