Podcasting-a HUGE transition!

You might have noticed, I kinda disappeared from blogging-my back has been plaguing me!  Transverse process fractures are debilitating and painful!  Nuff said.  Everyone has some challenge. Speaking of challenges, I’ve recently started Podcasting Training. I can’t say enough great … Continue reading


New business ideas from my Global MasterMind Retreat!

Ideas are percolating…Yesterday, I grabbed new domains.  Strategizing ways to rebrand the business!  More transitions.  Transitions are nothing to scared about…They always occur-things change.  I’ve never met anyone who has not experienced any changes in their lives.  It’s how you … Continue reading

Are you a Difference Maker?

I just came back from Wendy Lipton-Dibner’s Difference Makers Summit.  A Difference Maker is someone who wants their business to make a difference-an impact! It was a four days jam-packed seminar with easy to understand formulas to grow or jump-start … Continue reading

Aren’t you worth it?

You know those hair color commercials of the eighties…”because I’m worth it.  And when I splurged on a really nice restaurant or that pocketbook to die for, I’d say because I’m worth it. Are you really worth it?  Sometimes, those … Continue reading

Throw away that resume…

Not just yet…but, your resume may not tell the whole story-especially for those dealing with career change.Yes, I usually blog on Ask Marcia about job searching! But, a program I do is starting soon, Get Hired Now!  or Hire Yourself!  … Continue reading

What age do you have to be, to be in “midlife”?

Recently, I was interviewed on v1370AM-WomanTalkLive!  http://www.v1370.com Hear podcasts-Listen Live! Many of my coaching clients are in midlife. What does that mean? Many experts say anywhere from 28-60+, you can experience a “midlife crisis”-It’s all in your perspective…Midlife is a … Continue reading

Womens Expo!

I’m really psyched–I get to meet baby boomer women/midlife women & their daughters, boyfriends, husbands & fathers at the 6th Annual Womens Expo www.womensexpomd.com  It’s Sat-March 10 & Sun-11th at Catonsville in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  Been creating handouts on transitions … Continue reading