Why does it take others to tell us our gifts?

I just didn’t see it!  Me…funny?  Nah!  But, over and over and over again at ” Making The Stage’. It’s day 3, running on fumes but I jump up each morning,  when our work ends 12-1 am!   6:45 am … Continue reading

How to be a World Class Trainer! Go to “Making The Stage”

Not long ago, I took “Train The Trainer” from New Peaks,formerly, Peak Potentials.  As you read this, I’m at the next course &  get advanced training on being a Trainer.  A Trainer needs a few things-some, I believe can’t be … Continue reading

Having a Network That Is Sustainable.

In a previous post, I shared the top 5 people you need to have in your network..http://transitionchick.com/2015/06/28/5-people-every-network-must-have/.Upon further thought,I discovered I needed to add these seven additions for your network to work! 1.These people are ones who appear or are … Continue reading

So, you wanna stay in business? (Part One)

Andrea J. Lee in her book,” We Need to talk-Guide for Having Difficult Conversations, she  reveals some internal conflicts entrepreneurs may have.  I’ve added a few of my own from my 2nd book out in 2016 about  the 10 Deadly … Continue reading

I am a Warrior-an Enlightened Warrior

Picture a beautiful, dry California desert, the home of the Enlightened Warrior Camp run by Peak Potentials, New Peaks-a personal development  company and this camp was amazing and fun and challenging.  I just got back from Enlightened Warrior Camp in … Continue reading

Leadership Doesn’t Have To Be Loud!

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  There’s that kid who always organized comes at recess,and then the high school jocks who often are thought as leaders.  College Academic Bowl or the Class President/Student Government and of course the leader … Continue reading

Procrastination-why lie to yourself?

We have an idiom around procrastination “putting it off til later…”  Guess what?  Later never comes!  I’m working with several clients around just not doing something-hang a picture, bake a cake or even, following up after a networking event or … Continue reading

5 Guaranteed Ways to blow an interview…

I’m all about helping my clients with job search "roller coaster".  My Get Hired Now Teleseries  (http://www.eCareerCorner.com/transitions/gethired.htm)is designed to combine accountability with support & guidance all in a small group(6 people max!) environment! We speak of interviewing Do’s & Dont’s-folks … Continue reading