BlogWild!, I am!

It arrived last night.  Well, THEY did!  My two copies of Andy Wibbels’ new book, BlogWild!  It’s a compact book & like my Blog2Best$eller course,  chockful of great “weblog”-aka Blog, ideas! I’m still learning, but am thrilled with blogging, so … Continue reading

What is a VA?

A lifesaver…My rescue from the clutter of my life transitions into one who does what I was meant to do-career coaching for mid-life women! VA is a Virtual Assistant-great at organizing and creating a system that handles change of mind, … Continue reading

Do systems make sense?

The psychology of using a system is that by doing what you need to do consistently, you achieve consistent results!  That’s powerful. In my last post,I talked about Accountability..once again, folks commented to me personally, not here! So, like the … Continue reading

What Makes Accountability Work?

In about an hour, I’m hosting a Master Mind group.  One of the areas we always talk about is accountability.  Organizing your goals-both daily, weekly and even long-term, like in 5 or 10 years, I will…I read that setting goals … Continue reading

Is My Face Ever Red?

Do you rememberthose embarassment articles?  Well, I’ve got a doozy!  I was so excited to offer the Get Hired Now!  Job Search system-with feedback, support & encouragement from your coach & the team of other job-seekers!  Well, I made a … Continue reading

Being positive-while job-seeking?

I am redesigning my series for job-seekers-both new graduates & those in career transitions.  It’s called, Get Hired Now! ™, a proven 28 day system to land a GREAT job! I’m throwing in the very valuable job search guide as … Continue reading

Shakespeare’s Additional Plays in an old book!

Wow-I heard on television (hey, after CSI & Without A Trace comes the news!)  My media fix!  Well, it seems that one of the 600-700 that were printed of all of Shakespeare’s plays – new ones! was found!  Incredibly rare!  … Continue reading

Media Makeover

Wow!  Wayne Kelly, radio host & Media Expert gave us tips in my Weblog-blog class today!  I am experiencing BIG-Time change!  As a client said-I think I’ve been in transition 2 or 3 times! I’m now a subscriber to Wayne’s … Continue reading