Happy Thanksgiving!  I consulted both Wikipedia, which didn’t help and “Goog” as Johnny Bananas,guest on Jimmy Fallon, would say.  Every source said it was a 3 day feast that fell during the Harvest feast with the Pilgrims and heir good neighbors, the Wampanoag Indians, really Native Americans.

Each state at one time or another proclaimed the fourth Thursday in November as the day for giving thanks.  Connecticut was the first to do and more states followed.  Then, the presidents got involved.

George Washington made the first Presidential proclamation.  Lincoln further proclaimed the day and added thanks for the Civil War.  Thanksgiving was coined and Roosevelt looked upon this time also, as a way to stimulate the economy after The Great Depression.

So, Thanksgiving became the kickoff to the holiday season and maybe lost a bit of its significance.

It is a day of gratitude when we share a meal with family or friends that you’ve made family, and give thanks for  whatever has brought you to this day of thanks.

I have every coaching client start a gratitude journal to record daily 3-5 things they’re grateful for.  This is a simple way to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one…People come to to increase their earnings-either an entrepreneur or someone wanting to change jobs/careers.  This time can be overwhelming.  I also know families are not all Madison Avenue perfect and that can be stressful.

You may not think that having my husband diagnosed with cancer, I don’t have much to give thanks…But, I do.  I thank that he’s still at our table.  I thank the nurses and our oncologist and all in the OR team during his  brain surgery.  I even thank the cancer for bringing us closer and for going away, little by little…You learn what’s really important and how friends and family are there to offer support, prayers and positive thoughts.  We are touched.  Facebook folks that don’t even know me give words of encouragement!

Happy Thanksgiving-what are you grateful for?

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