Re-branding, revamping a renewing my passion!

I’ve been pretty much focused on being a supportive wife/best friend, as my husband goes through his cancer journey.  My Coaching business?  It paled in significance!  We’ve undergone his brain surgery, subsequent radiation and all the rest…It is OUR cancer journey and we are warriors!

Cancer doesn’t just affect the patient.  Their family and friends also worry and grieve.  But, right now-it’s somewhat back to normal…well, the “New Normal”.

He’s returned to work-my dining room houses his “office…he’s transitioning to moving his office to the third floor.  This move would giving me the office that we used to share before he decamped to our dining area. A personal space!  He’ll have one, too.  We both win!

So, I get to focus on me and getting back to what I love and my passion, helping those in midlife live the life of their dreams in abundance and joy!

To that end, I’m re-branding and working with a new web designer to reflect my new brand…Midlife Transition coaching,like my website.

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