Is Keytruda still working and fighting cancer?

This is a difficult question to have, or even, contemplate. Immunotherapy is the cutting edge of cancer treatment. My husband, Clark has Stage Four Bladder cancer and 34 tumors were in his lungs…now, there are four!

Before the celebration begins, the four have slowly increased in size.  But, he was off Keytruda for six weeks-out for the brain surgery and healing and three radiation treatments (cyberknife!)  There’s marketing for you- cyber knife sounds way cool!

Sounds like the Keytruda did help and the tumors increased without the Keytruda.  Or has his plateau been reached??  He gets a new CT scan in four weeks.  Then, the oncologist re-evaluates.  He spoke of next step- a transition from 1 drug to clinical trial status-enter a trial study of immuotherapy drug, X.

I’ll keep sharing!  Stay tuned!

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