Happy Thanksgiving!  I consulted both Wikipedia, which didn’t help and “Goog” as Johnny Bananas,guest on Jimmy Fallon, would say.  Every source said it was a 3 day feast that fell during the Harvest feast with the Pilgrims and heir good … Continue reading

Re-branding, revamping a renewing my passion!

I’ve been pretty much focused on being a supportive wife/best friend, as my husband goes through his cancer journey.  My Coaching business?  It paled in significance!  We’ve undergone his brain surgery, subsequent radiation and all the rest…It is OUR cancer … Continue reading

Is Keytruda still working and fighting cancer?

This is a difficult question to have, or even, contemplate. Immunotherapy is the cutting edge of cancer treatment. My husband, Clark has Stage Four Bladder cancer and 34 tumors were in his lungs…now, there are four! Before the celebration begins, … Continue reading