It’s all in his head…Literally!

I truly can’t believe I’m telling you this…Last Monday, the love of my life-my husband had brain surgery!  He felt numbness in his left leg and tingling in  his left hand.

They admitted him the Thursday-we got a room in Neuro ICU on Friday morning after 20 hours in the ER!  They did an MRI which reveled a mass and lots of swelling on the upper right side.  We both were exhausted and apprehensive.

He felt better than I-I was terrified and trying to put on a brave front!  One of my best friend and my brother- in -law took turns supporting us.  Seeing him wheeled away and being told. he’d get worse before he gets better…This surgery scared me out of my mind!  I, of course, think of the worst-case scenario..and even though the neurosurgeon had done hundreds of these surgeries, something can always go wrong!

I was numb myself.  I couldn’t leave the waiting room-even though they had my description and cellphone number…My brother- in -law was hungry and persuaded me to with him to the cafeteria-I had a bagel, but could only eat half…

It was supposed to be a four-hour surgery and he would remove as much of that brain tumor as possible. They think that it’s part of his brain cancer and metastasized in the brain-they’ll send it to pathology.  Was his Keytruda no longer working?  I had a million questions running  through my brain.

He was back in Neuro ICU and we walked in and he was groggy but coherent!  He knew there were lots of people in the OR.  It’s a teaching hospital so everyone had another doctor-resident or intern observing and three anesthesiologists as I later learned three separate people tried to insert his breathing tube-he has “obstructed passageways”.  This means it was difficult to put a tube down his throat!  Well, duh!

Tuesday, he was downgraded to a regular room on the Neuro floor.  There was a lovely view from his corner room with two windows.  For Physical Therapy, he walked with his walker up and down the hall twice!  His neurosurgeon had found us and told us, he thinks he got it all out!   You could tell by his mobility and little numbness or tingling, that he was walking better and only the bottom of his left foot was numb.  His left hand had only a few fingers that still tingled.

The worst thing was fatigue.  He went tp physical therapy and walked up the steps they used.  They only had him use a cane and a week ago, he was discharged.  Two days after a successful brain surgery.  they follow up with radiation-the” cyberknife”- sounds way cooler, right?

He has six weeks of rehab-physical and occupational therapies.Fatigue still plagues him.  He’s to unplug and rest for 15 minutes, then resume activity!  He’s very motivated and practices his exercises daily.

Ah…Freedom-automation & VAs!

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