Transitions in Management Styles

Some managers are great. Some managers are not.  Yelling and berating employees is usually not a welcome management style and often results in alienating their employees.  When researching this, there were some notable exceptions!

The late Steve Jobs of Apple was notorious for yelling at his workers but they willingly tolerated his tirades because they believed in innovation and felt they were changing the world.  They told new employees that their boss, (Jobs) was a genius. Therefore, much of his harsh management style was overlooked.

The perception of the yelling boss depends on a number of factors and can swing from de-motivating to very motivating.  If the employee feels that their boss is authentic and deserving of their trust and openly explains actions, then employees often tolerate this management style.

Companies are being less hierarchical and flattening of management into more of a team environment.  Yelling is less tolerated.

What do you think?  Which style of management describes your actions?



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